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Learn more about pornstar Eva Lovia.

A Few Minutes with Eva Lovia

She’s new, she’s hot, and she won the first ever Digital Playground Sex Star Contest! Eva Lovia paid a visit to Adult Empire and interviewed with our YouTube personalities Chelsea and Becky. They talk wrestling, food, As Seen on TV products, Seth Rogan and more! Read more...
Kendra Lust and more pornstars discuss their celebrity crushes

Pornstars Reveal Their Celebrity Crushes

Pornstars spend their days enjoying intimacy with some of the sexiest people on the planet, but that certainly doesn’t mean they’re above celebrity crushes! Adult Empire asked some of porn’s top stars what celebs catch their eyes. The answers range from matinee idols to pop stars to late-night talk show hosts. Read more...
Macy Gray's music video is an ode to her vibrator.

Macy Gray’s Latest Song Salutes Her Vibrator

The vibrator has finally gotten a song of its own. And no, we’re not talking about Jefferson Airplane’s “Plastic Fantastic Lover.” Macy Gray’s newest music video salutes “B.O.B.” (battery-operated boyfriend), the artist’s amiable acronym nickname for her favorite sex toy. Read more...
Pornstar Jessica Drake talks about porn sex.

Jessica Drake Compares Real Sex and Porn Sex

Everything we see onscreen is an illusion to some extent, whether the movie is a far-flung fantasy adventure or a documentary. Porn is obviously no exception, and director/star Jessica Drake is undoubtedly one of the people best equipped to comment on the differences between real-life sex and porn sex. Read more...

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