Monkey Spanker: Vibro - White

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How Does the Monkey Spanker Work?

The Monkey Spanker works by intensively working the head of the penis and the area just behind the head. This intense stimulation builds into a heightened state of pleasure and produces a very powerful orgasm. Unlike most masturbators that remain on the penis, with the Monkey Spanker you constantly take it on and off the head so it feels like constant penetration or a really intense blowjob. The Monkey Spanker will make you come harder than sex or a blow job and is even better if your partner gets involved!

Monkey Spanker FAQ

The center hole looks like it could hurt my cock.

The soft pad is made from the softest rubber gel that you can mould. Any softer and it would be a liquid gel. The soft pad opens and stretches making a tube around around your cock just like a woman's vagina would. We have weighted the pad to give a firm but comfortable hold. Some older customers have likened the tightness to having sex with their partners when they were in their 20's. Others have likened it to anal sex.

How can it make your penis bigger?

Although it wasn't part of our original intention the way in which it holds your cock keeps all the blood in the shaft making your cock as big as it can be. After a short time and with regular use every time you get an erection your penis will become extra hard and full as your penis gets used to the extra blood being there and expands slightly to accommodate it. It works in a similar way to Viagra in that it increases the amount of blood in the penis making it harder but unlike Viagra there is no need to take drugs, no side effects and no risk of heart attacks.

How can you use it with your partner?

As the Monkey Spanker has a thin profile it doesn't get in the way of your normal sex activities. If you're getting a blow job your partner can use the Monkey Spanker, still see your cock and get her hand and mouth in on the action. You can put the device between you when you're having sex giving vibrations and extra firmness for her and extra tightness for him.

Product Information

Brand: Monkey Spanker

Series: Monkey Spanker


Product Dimensions:
     Total Length: 6.13 in.
     Width Maximum: 2.50 in.
     Width Minimum: 1.8 in.
     Weight (No Box): 0.1060 lbs.
Box Dimensions:
     Length: 10.00 in.
     Width: 5.50 in.
     Depth:0.75 in.
     Weight: 0.2250 lbs.
Empire SKU: 1669009
Made By: Monkey Spanker
Manufacturer Code: PLMON02WH