Tempt: Woman Tempt Woman Attraction Spray - 1 oz.

Sex Toy
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Tempt. Get Recognized. Fuel Their Desire.

Pheromone spray - discover the art of female attraction - natures best kept secret.

  • Become Irresistible
  • Attract More Partners
  • Improve Your Confidence
  • Increase Intimacy

Advanced scientific technology has created a pheromone spray specifically for women who are looking to attract more women. Woman Tempt Woman Pheromone spray can help you to get the results you desire. Wear with your normal perfume to create unbelievable results.

Woman Tempt Woman Product Information

If you've ever been drawn to a person without realizing what caused the spark then natural chemistry may be the thing that caused the attraction. For those not in the know, pheromones are chemicals that occur naturally in the body and are passed through the air, usually as subtle scents, either attracting or putting off those around us. When these chemicals are inhaled by a receptive individual a natural attraction occurs.

Bottled in a simple spray the Woman Tempt Woman contains a strong dose of pheromones selected for their ability to attract more women. The purpose of pheromones is to trigger a social response. Animals such as humans don't appreciate the impact our pheromones have on those who are attracted towards us, but their effects are without doubt. Pheromones can be the key cause of sexual attraction.

The pheromone spray contains a double dose of particular pheromones that have been selected due to their high success rates when used in attraction tests. Just one application, topped up at hourly intervals, can make your next night out much more memorable.

Designed to mix with your perfume yet retain effectiveness. Work to boost the power of your own pheromone production. Pheromones can be the key cause of impromptu conversation and sexual attraction. This product could help you, even if you have had no prior success in initiating intimate encounters in the past!

Product Information

Brand: Tempt

Series: Tempt Spray


Ingredients: SD40-B Alcohol, Di-Propylene Glycol, Pure Reagent Grade, Human Pheromones, 5-Alpha-Andros t -16-En-3-0ne, Copulins, Essential Oils, and Fragrance.

Directions: Apply the spray alongside your normal perfume or body fragrance.


Product Dimensions:
     Total Length: 3.75 in.
     Width Maximum: 1.30 in.
     Weight (No Box): 0.1190 lbs.
Box Dimensions:
     Length: 4.00 in.
     Width: 1.30 in.
     Depth:1.50 in.
     Weight: 0.1310 lbs.
Empire SKU: 1669901
Made By: Tempt
Manufacturer Code: PLWTW

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