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Penis Traction Explained

When you use the patent pending Male Edge penis enlarger, you are guaranteed to make your penis bigger. That's because it relies on a simple yet effective enlargement method known as "traction", which is clinically-proven to increase both length and girth.

So what is penis traction?

Penis traction is a safe and painless technique that results in permanent penis growth. In many cases, men using the Male Edge penis enlarger increase the length of their penis by as much as 2 or 3 inches (read more about the results of penis enlargement with the Male Edge penis enlarger).

Traction works by applying a steady stretch to the shaft of the penis. This causes tissue cells to divide and multiply - a well-known process called cytokinesis. Over time, this results in new tissue growth throughout the penis, making you visibly longer and thicker in a matter of weeks or months. While the internet is full of websites promoting other penis enlargement options, only traction-based penis enlargers like the Male Edge can offer guaranteed results like this.

You're in Control

With the traction-based Male Edge penis enlarger, you decide how much traction you apply to your penis. You also decide how long you wear the penis enlarger for. The more you wear your penis enlarger, the bigger you'll grow. And as soon as you're happy with your new length/girth, you can simply stop using it. Ultimately, you set your own goals for penis enlargement - and the Male Edge penis enlarger will help you achieve them.

A Tried and Tested Approach

Traction is nothing new. For years, doctors and surgeons have used the same technique to lengthen limbs and digits. The process is also used by a number of tribal cultures to elongate lips, necks, earlobes and noses (among other things).

The great thing about traction is that it harnesses your body's natural growth potential. In other words, it doesn't ask your body to do anything it hasn't done a million times before. At Male Edge, we have taken this tried and tested approach and developed a truly groundbreaking penis traction device; a device that you can use to make your penis bigger in the comfort of your own home.

Male Edge: Basic Kit

With Male Edge, Basic doesn't mean compromising on performance. In fact the penis enlargement product is exactly the same in all three packages; the Male Edge BASIC just comes without some of the added extras. Like all three products in the Male Edge range, this blue and white penis enlarger does come with a ruler and rubber strap. We also offer 24 hour access to your individual online training program, helping you to use your new penis enlarger to its full potential.

Male Edge Basic Kit Includes

  • 1 Full Kit Box
  • 1 Male Edge Penis Enlarger
  • 1 Instructional Folder
  • 1 Ruler/Measurer
  • 1 Rubber Strap

With the Male Edge penis extender, penis growth is guaranteed. On average, men using the Male Edge increase their penis size by 28% in length and 19% in girth. Comfortable, affordable and recommended by doctors, the Male Edge penis extender is the number one product for men looking to add inches to their penis.

About Male Edge

The most innovative male enhancement product on the market, it is stylish, discreet and can be used in the comfort of your own home. It is also scientifically proven to work - giving you the extra length and girth you're looking for. We see penis enlargement as just another form of self-improvement. After all, nobody thinks twice about going to the gym to improve muscle definition, or using beauty products to keep their skin looking fresh, healthy and clean. We know that you want a safe, affordable and reliable product that will give you that little bit extra. With the Male Edge penis enlarger, we have delivered exactly that.

Product Information

Brand: Male Edge

Series: Male Edge


Box Dimensions:
     Length: 4.75 in.
     Width: 7.50 in.
     Depth:2.25 in.
     Weight: 0.8380 lbs.
Empire SKU: 1669907
Made By: Male Edge
Manufacturer Code: PLMEDGEB