Adult DVD Empire: Bestsellers Listing of Adult DVD Empire's Bestsellers. en-us Adult DVD Empire 1444996 Fallen(2008) - Wicked Pictures Fallen - $39.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" An erotic masterpiece comes to life as award winning director Brad Armstrong tells the tale of "Angel" (Jessica Drake), a fallen Gregorian Angel who has been banished to earth and stripped of her wings after the accidental death of the young woman she was sent to watch over. Alone and desperate for companionship, she finds it in the city's seedy underworld, far from the idyllic heavens she once knew. Follow Angel on her dark journey through some of the most sinful and perverse places this world has to offer. As she continues her fall into darkness, she discovers a glimmer of light in Keith (Brad Armstrong), a handsome mortal that she is inexplicitly drawn to. As Keith helps guide her back towards the light, a secret from the past comes back to haunt the duo, threatening to tear them apart. Can Angel regain her wings and soar once again? Or has she fallen for the last time, doomed to live out her days trapped in the purgatory she now calls home... Destined to become an adult classic, Armstrong's stunning visual style, combined with Drake's top-notch performance, mind-blowing sex scenes and a screenplay that delivers till the very last frame, Fallen is an unforgettable film. adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1430403 Bound(2008) - Wicked Pictures Bound - $34.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Lily's (Stormy Daniels) passionless existence comes to an end with the passing of her elderly husband. However, an unsatisfied need burns inside her. Enter Garrett (Tony DeSergio), his dominant persona leads Lily into erotic worlds of the forbidden and taboo, where she explores decadent fantasies that push her sexual limits. Will Garret please the insatiable? One thing is certain...they will both learn a lesson in sacrifice and what it means to be bound by love. Join award winning director Michael Raven and writer/performer Stormy Daniels as they guide you into the complex world of love and greed as they experience the dynamics of master and slave. adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1588229 Jailhouse Heat In 3D(2011) - Digital Playground Jailhouse Heat In 3D - $39.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" For the first time ever, using the same epic camera techniques of "Avatar" comes 3D filmmaking like you've never experienced before. Get inside the mind of an obsessed, jilted lover, creating a lusty adult film to deal with his erupting sexual needs and fantasies of kinky prison sex. Wet tight holes are rammed and drilled, like sexy Jenna Haze, Jayden Jaymes and Sienna West, ready to be filled with creamy eruptions from deep pumpers Evan Stone and Marco Banderas. Perverted pleasures and salacious punishments rule locked up inside a sexual pleasure cell of exploding desire. Hard time... just got a lot hotter. adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1410671 Operation: Desert Stormy(2007) - Wicked Pictures Operation: Desert Stormy - $39.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" As one of the largest productions to date, this Wicked Pictures' blockbuster has it all! Action...Romance...Drama...Suspense...and even a little big of Comedy! Okay, a whole lot of comedy! Join award winning writer/director Stormy Daniels as she leads you on a wild and hilarious adventure. With the head of the CIA (Randy Spears) presumed dead and word of an impending terrorist attack lead by the evil Hussein (Ron Jeremy), the fate of the world rests in the hands of two unlikely and extremely unskilled heroes. Does a secretary (Stormy Daniels) and her wannabe agent husband (Steven St. Croix) have what it takes to put aside their numerous marital issues and travel overseas to put an end to Hussein's quest for total world domination...and his ridiculous get rich quick ideas? With the help of two no-nonsense British agents Jacks and Watson, some beautiful and horny harem girls and one ornery camel, the "heroes" embark on a sex-crazed and explosion-filled expedition into hostile territory. Will Operation: Desert Stormy be a success and our "heroes" save the world or will we all be wearing turbans? adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1451878 Wicked, The(2008) - Wicked Pictures Wicked, The - $34.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" A road trip turns deadly when five young friends embark on a journey to attend an annual festival in the desert. The eclectic group is looking forward to a free-spirited weekend, a place to let down their hair and escape their hectic lives. But what begins as mild paranoia becomes a most dangerous game when one of them goes missing. Soon thereafter, the danger intensifies into a horrifying reality as they learn The Wicked have awakened. Award winning director Michael Raven skillfully showcases his talent as a story teller in this epic adventure. Starring Wicked contract sensations Kaylani Lei and Stormy Daniels, this eerie thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat. The Wicked: Can you survive 'til dawn? adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1421506 Cockstar(2008) - Wicked Pictures Cockstar - $34.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Take a walk on the wild side with award winning Director Brad Armstrong as he takes us on a musical and sexual odyssey. Kirsten Price is your hostess as a superb blend of sex and harmony fill the screen with the sights and sounds of both orgasm and crescendo. From heavy metal to jazz, hip hop to rap, this is one concert you can't afford to miss! adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1419375 Mobster's Ball(2008) - Wicked Pictures Mobster's Ball - $34.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Mob Hits. Bank Robbers. The Cotton Club. These are just a few of the things that say 1930's. Award winning director Brad Armstrong gives us a tantalizing, sensual and erotic glimpse of this time gone by. Anal, three-ways, orgies, you name it, they're all here. Take a trip down memory lane with this all-star cast and get off like never before! adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1433811 Accidental Hooker, The(2008) - Wicked Pictures Accidental Hooker, The - $34.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Every hooker has a secret... Silvia (Kaylani Lei) is about to reveal hers. Former college student turned high-class call girl, Silvia lets us in on the intimate details of her life, as a documentary film crew interviews her for a piece on "Escorts". Private jets, world-class hotels, and unthinkable sex acts have given her an amazing tale to tell. But the best is yet to come...and as her sordid story comes to a close, a terrifying truth is that may mean the end for the unsuspecting film crew. So beware...for some secrets are best left untold. Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid. adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1471799 Young Ripe Mellons #9(2007) - Vouyer Media Young Ripe Mellons #9 - $29.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Hot young girls with perfect natural breasts! Eighteen year old Sabrina Starr and her beautiful 34C's are first up and wow, does she ever entertain! Evie Delatosso and her perfect 32DD's are next. This striking brunette beauty is to die for and she really knows how to use her rack to satisfy a man! The very playful Leigh Livingston is next who reminds me of a young Kirsten Dunst except with a set of 34D's. Leigh relatively new to the business is very much into the action and really gets into the boob-play, and sizzling sex. Lucky for us! Yes They Are Real adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1529886 Marriage Counselor, The(2010) - Wicked Pictures Marriage Counselor, The - $34.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Meet Helena (Kirsten Price) and Keith (Rocco Reed), a couple who have lost the once passionate spark in their love life. Realizing that they have to do something, they seek the help of a marriage counselor to rediscover their sexual chemistry. What they find is an often hilarious journey that leads them back on the path of sexual satisfaction. And in the end, a realization that love really does conquer all.... adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1627355 Barely Legal 3D(2012) - Hustler Barely Legal 3D - $29.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Tight little teens jumpin' off the screen! adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1411210 Manhunters(2006) - Wicked Pictures Manhunters - $34.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Bail jumpers beware, there's a whole new breed of bounty hunters in town. And hell hath no fury like a woman with a badge. But don't be fooled by their soft curves, these bounty-hunting bitches are as tough as nails, and ready for anything. Follow Rachel (Jessica Drake) and her crew, Kris (Carmen Hart), Bobbi (Kirsten Price), and Maria (Exotica) as they scour the city in search of fugitives. From gang-bangers, to bank robbers, to thug rappers, they're hot on the trail. And be assured, these ladies always get their man. This shot on film blockbuster is a true piece of action-erotica. With nine intense sex scenes and edge-of-your-seat action sequences, Manhunters is sure to entertain and arouse. Award-winning director Brad Armstrong blurs the line between adult movies and mainstream cinema once again. This time, with a little help from these bad-ass bounty hunters. They're Coming For You adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1431181 Breakin' 'Em In #9(2006) - Vouyer Media Breakin' 'Em In #9 - $29.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Amy Ried finally gets it in the end!! In a very rare anal scene with a cream pie finish! Amy Ried in a Very Rare Anal $$$cene adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1456780 Bomb Shell Bottoms #2(2006) - Vouyer Media Bomb Shell Bottoms #2 - $29.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Only in BOMBSHELL BOTTOMS #2 will you find the first scenes from Isis Love and Andreena alongside scorchers from more established fan favorites like Bree Olson. Hungry for more? Then get ready to feast on glorious star performances from Paulina James, McKenzee Miles, Micah Moore, and Jordana James all showing off their ripe, pear-shaped asses in blast-furnace intense scenes with the likes of Brett Rockman, Steven French, Tyler Knight, and Vouyer Media contract luminary Jack Napier! For The Ass Aficionado adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1711514 Apocalypse X (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo)(2014) - Digital Playground Apocalypse X (DVD + Blu-Ray Combo) - $29.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" In a future, after years of demolition, the Earth's natural resources have withered away and the world is now a deserted pit. A woman named Razor seeks vengeance upon a bike gang called the Reapers. To the community, Razor is known as The Ghost. From stealing gasoline and food, to using men to feed her sexual appetite, Razor always takes what she wants. She has one last score to settle with the Reapers' gang leader, Scar. In an effort to avenge the murder of her beloved husband, Razor will use every womanly advantage she has to seduce anyone in her path for retribution. The future has no rules. adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1446985 Seven Deadly Sins(2008) - Wicked Pictures Seven Deadly Sins - $34.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Sin (sins) Noun : An act, thought or way of behaving that goes against moral teachings. To knowingly commit a serious moral offense. Something that offends ethical principle. Join award winning director Jonathan Morgan as he explores the dark side of Sin with an all star line up of adult's biggest names. Kaylani Lei, Mikayla, Eva Angelina, Shyla Stylez, Alexis Texas, Daisy Marie and Rebecca Linares will each push the envelope as they commit shameful offenses for the entire world to see. Can humanity survive Wicked's Seven Deadly Sins? There's only one way to find out... adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1420736 Predator II: The Return(2008) - Wicked Pictures Predator II: The Return - $34.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" She's Back & She's Hornier Than Ever The sequel to The Predator picks up on Halloween night when a group of hot sorority girls are dared to enter a creepy circus sideshow museum, right into the Predator's lair for a night full of debauchery, filled with hardcore sex, anal assaults, and double penetrations. Survival Of The Sexiest adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1595964 Downward Spiral(2011) - Private Downward Spiral - $13.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Sandy's living a normal happy life with her wealthy husband, working as a flight attendant. One day, after landing, she catches a taxi to her hotel and the creepy taxi driver takes Sandy to a deserted broken-down factory where he robs her and throws her out of the taxi, leaving her stranded amongst the dusty old factory buildings... this is where the story begins. Perplexed, she tries to find someone to help her get back to her hotel. While trying to escape she witnesses many perverted situations, and even manages to get herself into a few. She doesn't really know where she is and how she got there, but she slowly starts to enjoy the filthy pleasures of the sinful area, and her mood gradually shifts from shock to excitement as she enters the Downward Spiral of perversity... adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1718388 Bubblegum Girls (DVD + Blu-ray Combo)(2014) - Digital Playground Bubblegum Girls (DVD + Blu-ray Combo) - $29.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Embark on a journey with five strikingly beautiful girls, Baby, Dolly, Lee, Angel and Britt, who have the ability to enter a dreamlike reality. Instead of being treated for their illness, the girls are held captive in a hospital and forced to dance for high-end clients. Not keen on misusing their talents, the girls decide to capitalize on their remarkable feminine assets and martial art skills to seduce their boss and clients into a wild ride they won't forget! adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1518023 Not Really...Dukes Of Hazzard(2010) - Vouyer Media Not Really...Dukes Of Hazzard - $29.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Welcome to a hardcore parody of one of the most iconic tv shows from the 70's and 80's. Join Bo, Luke, Daisy, Uncle Jesse, Rosco and even Boss Hogg in this car chasin', moonshine runnin', sex filled romp through the good old contry. Hazzard County will never be the same! adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1524827 Mad Love (2010) - Wicked Pictures Mad Love - $34.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Every relationship is unique. Take the journey between Christina (Kaylani Lei) and Curtis (Rocco Reed) for example. Each of them relives the incredible adventure of their crazy relationship, but even the happy couple each sees things just a little differently. As we follow along, we're reminded that when you blend true chemistry with hot sex you're bound to get some crazy, mad love... adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1440763 Oracle, The(2007) - Wicked Pictures Oracle, The - $34.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" The Oracle, an amulet with the power to control the dead, or is it the dead who control the amulet? Cassie (Kaylani Lei) is about to find out after she stumbles into the clutches of the amulet. This young swindler, working with her sometimes boyfriend, cons people into thinking she's a fortune teller. As long as she uses The Oracle for positive things, all is well. But when her boyfriend attempts to use it in their cons, unspeakable things begin to happen. Eventually Cassie learns to harness its powers to explore her sexuality and discovers a new life on the other side... She Knows All adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1521249 Billionaire(2010) - Private Billionaire - $13.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" The search of a mythical treasure will bring our protagonists to luxurious paradises and extreme sex with beautiful girls in this follow up of successful Millionaire. adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1601690 This Ain't Jaws XXX in 3D(2012) - Hustler This Ain't Jaws XXX in 3D - $29.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Includes 2D and 3D version of the film. Does not include 3D glasses. Alexis Ford proves she's a superstar in this award worthy performance! Lily LeBeau fucks like a nymph in heat! This is a parody! adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1450820 Poolside Pussy(2008) - Vouyer Media Poolside Pussy - $29.99 22S December 2014 20:41 e" Abbey Brooks gets splashed with cum. London loves a hard one. Kristina takes it deep. Katie dives right into some cock. Bridgette B. - the bikini banger! adult © 1997-2014 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved