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About the Empire
•  About Us
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•  Privacy Policy
•  Terms of Use
•  Copyright Policy
•  2257 Compliance
•  Suggestions for Cash
Empire Rentals
•  About Empire Rental Progams
•  Buying a Rental
•  Rental Shipping Times
•  Report a Problem
•  Rental Terms of Agreement
•  Membership - Your Rental List
•  Membership - Free Trial
•  Membership - Rental Availability
•  Membership - FAQ
•  ALC - View Due Date
•  ALC - Cancel a Rental
Video on Demand
•  VOD Overview
•  Own It Overview
•  Rental Overview
•  Media Players
•  About Pay Per Minute
•  Premium PPM
•  Account Preferences
•  Interactive PPM
Shopping Information
•  Accepted Payment Methods
•  Using a Coupon
•  Account Credits
•  Stock Statuses Defined
•  Our Discreet Service
•  Taxes - Who Pays?
•  Secure Shopping
•  Notify Me of On Order Products
•  Gift Wrapping Options
•  Sending Gifts with Gift Invoices
•  Gift Certificates
•  Returning Products
Shipping Information
•  Shipping Methods and Rates
•  Delivery Confirmation/Tracking Numbers
•  Same Day Shipping Guarantee
•  Free Shipping Offer
•  Discreet Packaging
•  UPS Priority Flats
•  Back Order Methods Explained
•  Edit Your Shipping Info
Your Empire Account
•  Account Access
•  Edit Contact Info
•  Edit Account Info
•  Your Favorites
•  Online Inquiries
Editing Your Orders
•  Order Status/Issues
•  Changing Shipping Method
•  Changing Backorder Method
•  Gift Invoice Changes
•  Resubmit an Order
•  Cancel an Order
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