Adding an Account Credit to an Existing Order:

You may apply an Account Credit to an Order up until the Order has been processed in our system. Orders are processed several times a day during business hours Monday to Friday, 9am - 5:30pm ET excluding Holidays.
To Apply a Credit to an Order:
1.  Click the "Your Account" link in the top right corner of all our pages.
2.  Select the Order History tab in the right nav bar.
3.  Click either your "Open" or "On Hold" Orders tab in the left nav bar.
4.  Next, click "View" next to the Order you wish to apply the Credit to.
5.  Scroll down to the Modification section of the Order.
6.  If you have an Account Credit, your Credit Balance will be displayed. Click the 'Update' button and the page will refresh with the Account Credit applied to that Order.
7.  Your Order Total will be updated to include your credit.
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