Combining Orders:

If you wish to save on shipping costs, you can Combine multiple Orders into one large Order up until the Orders have been processed in our system. Orders are processed several times a day during business hours Monday to Friday, 9am - 5:30pm ET excluding Holidays.
How to Combine Orders:
1.  Click the 'Your Account' link in the upper left hand corner of all our pages.
2.  Select the 'Order History' tab in the left nav bar.
3.  A list will appear directly below "Order History" in the nav bar.
4.  Select the "Combine Orders" tab.
5.  Check the Combine Order box next to the Orders you wish to combine.
6.  Click "Select Primary" to set the Order that all the items will be added to.
7.  Finally, Click "Combine Orders" to combine the Orders.
8.  The Orders that are combined (not the Primary Order) will be canceled and removed from Your Account at a later date.
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