Empire Rentals:Rental Availability:

Our rental Availability status terms provide you with Real-Time information about which rental movies are available and when. The rental program is based on a First Come, First Serve basis and rental shipments are only processed during normal business hours.
• "Available" - We have copies of this rental movie available at this time.
• "Out to Customers" - All of our copies of this rental movie are with other customers at this time.
• "Pre-Release" - The movie has not been released by the studio at this time.
How do I know if I am due to Receive a Rental?
A line will display on your Rental list directly below the number of rentals you are to receive. Simply add, or move, your preferred titles above that "Outgoing Shipments" line to increase your odds of receiving those rentals. Click here for more info.
What factors influence my rental shipments?
Many factors can greatly influence a rental movie's availability and your rental shipments:
•  Your position on the waiting list for a title.
•  When your return shipment was received and processed
•  If you are to receive another rental movie.
•  The rental movie's popularity.
•  The number of available copies in our rental stock.
•  Rental Shipments are only processed during normal business hours (9am to 5:30pm ET Monday - Friday, excluding Holidays).
•  If you have any questions, our Customer Service department is open Monday thru Friday, 8am to midnight ET.