Reporting a Problem with a Rental Movie:

Unfortunately, there are times when there is a problem with a Rental movie. Whether the movie won't play or just didn't arrive, we hope our system will make this a fast and easy process.
How to Report a Problem with a Rental Movie:
1.  Click the 'Your Account' link located in the upper right hand corner of all our pages. If you are not logged on, you will be prompted to do so.
2.  Select the 'Empire Rental' tab in the left nav bar.
3.  Depending on the type of rental:
•  Membership rentals - click the 'Report Problem' under the Membship section.
•  A la Carte rentals - click the 'Report Problem' under the A La Carte section.
4.  You will need to:
•  Select the Problem from the List Provided.
•  Select the rental movie you are having a problem with.
•  Add any comments you may have.
•  Click the 'Report Problem' button when finished.
5.  Depending on the issue, we will contact you when we have further information about the resolution.
Please Note: Due to the increased use of Junk Mail filters on email accounts, we recommend you add our email address to your "Safe List."
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