Back Order Methods Explained

Selecting a Back Order Method: Simply put, if your Order contains 'On Order' and 'In Stock' items, do you want to wait for all the products to become 'In Stock' before we ship your Order or do you want your products to ship as individual Orders as they arrive to our warehouse?

The Backorder Method section is located on the bottom left of your Order on the Checkout page. Each option will influence your Order's shipment and may incur additional shipping and handling charges.
  • Ship Complete
    By selecting Ship Complete, we will not ship your Order until the Backordered products come in. Normally the wait on Backordered products takes anywhere from 3- 7 days, although Special Order products may take longer. But if you're willing to wait, you will only pay one Shipping and Handling charge.

  • Ship Partial
    By selecting Ship Partial, we will ship the products that are currently In Stock and ship the Backordered titles as they are received, in separate shipments. Note: You will pay shipping and handling on EACH package shipped when you select 'Ship Partial.'