Gift Certificates:

Give your favorite Digital enthusiast gifts they really want the easy way... let them shop for themselves. Eliminate the worry of buying a title they already have, the wrong screen ratio, or the wrong version. Our Gift Certificates are your Digital gift giving solution.
How to Buy a Gift Certificate:
1.  Visit the "Purchase a Gift Certificate" page.
2.  We offer 3 delivery options to choose from:
•  Email - Select your favorite Gift Certificate, choose the date you want it emailed, and we'll do the rest.
•  Mail - We'll mail the Gift Certificate to the recepient on the day you choose.
•  Print - Select your favorite Gift Certificate, choose its activation date, and print it yourself.
3.  Choose from the various Gift Certificates that we offer. The email and print methods offer standard, special occassion, and photo options to choose from.
4.  Enter the recipient's information in the fields provided. You may even add a personal message to the Gift Certificate in the field provided.
5.  Please make sure to double check their information is correct on the verification page. When finished, click the 'Add to Order' button to add the Gift Certificate to your Order.
6.  Proceed through Checkout as normal.
7.  If you selected the Print option, there will be a link on the Order Received page that will allow you to print the Gift Certificate.
8.  If you selected the Email or Mail option, the Gift Certificate will be sent from our facility near Pittsburgh, Pa. on the date of your choosing.
How to Redeem a Gift Certificate:
1.  In order to redeem a Gift Certificate you must have an Account and be Logged On to our system.
2.  If you do not have an Account, click here to create one now. It is simple, easy and completely FREE!
3.  Visit the Redeem a Gift Certificate page.
4.  Enter your 12 digit Gift Certificate number in the Gift Certificate # field.
5.  When finished, click on the 'Redeem Gift Certificate' button.
6.  The Gift Certificate will be immediately redeemed and applied to your Account as an Account Credit.
7.  You may then shop as normal and your Credit will be applied to your Orders as they ship until it is exhausted.
8.  If you have any questions about using your Account Credit, please see our Help Section for further details.
Note: If you do not wish to submit your Credit Card information when creating an Account, simply select Check/Money Order as your payment method. But if your Order total is greater than the Gift Certificate amount, a Credit Card or a Check/MO will be required to pay the balance.
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