Sending a Gift with a Gift Invoice:

Use our Gift Invoice option to send your gift directly to the recipient, without the receipt listing the prices for the items.
•  The Gift invoice does not list the prices for your items
•  Add their address to your Account to ship the gift to them
•  Select Gift Wrapping and add a message to the Gift Card
•  Don't forget about Gift Certificates
 How to Send a Gift with a Gift Invoice:
1.  Locate the items you wish to purchase and click the purchase button on each product's item page to add those items to your Order.
2.  When finished shopping, click the 'Proceed to Checkout' button on the View Order page.
3.  On the Checkout page, click the 'add' link next to your Shipping information.
4.  Add the gift recipient's address to your Account and when finished, click the 'Add Shipping Info' button.
5.  You will be directed back to the Checkout page. The recipient's address will be listed as the Shipping information for this Order.
6.  Click the checkbox to have the gifts wrapped by our staff. Then, select the "Gift Invoice" option to have a receipt sent without the prices of the products.
7.  Click the 'Continue to Gift Wrap Options' button at the bottom of the page.
8.  Review your Order information and add a personal message to the Gift Card for each item in the fields provided.
9.  When finished, click the 'Complete Checkout' button at the bottom of the page.
10.  The Order will process for shipment during our next business hours.
Note: We recommend that you place an Order just for the gifts you wish to send. If you place an Order with products for yourself as well as the recipient and follow the instructions above, those items will be sent directly to the recipient along with their gifts. You can always place two orders.
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