Video On Demand - Interactive PPM

Interactive Sex Video On Demand is here! Now you can take control of your your favorite stars and they will obey your every command! Interactive movies have been available for years in the DVD and Bluray formats, but now Adult DVD Empire is taking the experience to a whole new level. You can watch your favorite interactive XXX movies and use the embedded menus that include different options such as sexual activities, positions, and camera angles to get your favorite pornstars just the way you like them.

To view Interactive VODs, you will need Pay Per Minute time. We sell packages from 15 minutes on up, so we're confident we'll have a package that meets your needs. Once you have purchased PPM minutes, simply find your favorite pornstar's Interactive VOD, click the Watch button and our player window will open and playback will begin.

Menu Bar

Main Menu Return to the full interactive main menu at any time during playback to begin your viewing experience again.

Change Angle Most interactive movies include different camera angles to let you really get into action and you can easily switch angles by clicking this button.

Change Disc Many Interactive movies have multiple discs, so click this button to switch between them. If the button is inactive, that movie only has 1 disc.

Video Info Unsure which disc you are watching, or the camera angle, or even the current Bitrate? Click this button to see that helpful information.

Help Me Get more information about the Menu options and Interactive controls during playback.

Interactive Controls

Each Interactive movie will include its own menu embedded in the video for the viewer to navigate the various scenes, positions, and sex acts. These menu options will differ between movies but generally speaking, they will include the main navigation links related to the various actions taking place and in many instances, include further options like going directly to the pop shot or changing between the options for the particular sex act you're viewing.

For example, if you refer to the My Plaything: Ashlynn Brooke movie in the screen capture on this page, you can see that the "Tease" video has further refine options that include "Tits," "Ass," and "Pussy." So not only can you choose to view the "Tease" video, but you can also choose how she teases you! Although remember, each movie will have slightly different menu options based on the action in the movie and it is up to you to take control your favorite pornstar by choosing between them.