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Like a particular scene in a movie as your watching our Streaming VODs through the VOD Pay Per Minute program? Want to save that part of the movie in your account so you can watch it over and over? Well look no further, the VOD Pay Per Minute "MyClips" feature is here!

The "MyClips" technology allows you to set "start" and "stop" times in movies so you can return to watch that particular part of the movie at anytime. There's no limit to the number of clips you can save and all of your "MyClips" will be saved on your VOD Pay Per Minute "MyClips" account page for easy access in the future.
How to Use the MyClips Feature:
Step 1:    Click the 'Start MyClip' button in the lower right corner of the Viewing window when you wish to set the start time for the clip. If you need to adjust the start time, you can edit the time on the PPM "MyClips" Account page later.
Step 2:    Name the clip (before you click Stop) in the field provided. When you wish to set the end time for the clip, click the 'End MyClip' button. If you need to adjust the end time or forget to name the clip, you can edit the clip's info on the PPM "MyClips" Account page later.
Step 3:    The "Porn Clip Saved" message will appear in the Viewing window confirming its addition to your account. If you wish to save another clip, simply click the 'Start MyClip' button to set the start time and proceed as normal.

All of your "MyClips" will be added to your VOD Pay Per Minute "MyClips" account page for easy access in the future.
Step 4:    When you return to view a movie (and after you save "MyClip" links), any clips associated with that movie will be listed below the viewing screen with the clip's name, time span, and a 'Watch This Now!' viewing link.
Step 5:    When you view "MyClip" segments, a box will display above the screen in the Viewing window with information about the clip's information as well as the "Loop Clip" clip function that allows you to repeat the clip over and over.
Public vs Private MyClips:
When saving MyClips in your account, you can choose to make them "Public" or "Private." If you choose public, then the video clip will be made available to our other customers. If you choose private, then the information will only display to you when you are logged on to your account. Note: If you choose to make MyClip(s) public, at no time will any of your inforamation display to our other customers other than the alias you choose.
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