Video On Demand - Premium Pay Per Minute

In order to continue to bring you the best Adult content from the hottest studios, we've expanded our VOD program to include Premium Pay-Per-Minute titles. While Premium PPM titles will use a little more of your viewing time, it will allow us to offer the most popular studios, highest quality movies, and biggest adult releases.
How does it Work?
Most of our current PPM movies will remain at the same price level, but as new releases are added to our site you will start to notice Premium PPM icons on our item and list pages. Each icon will state the ratio of time deducted versus time watched. For example, if the icon lists a 2:1 ratio then 2 seconds will be deducted from your PPM time for every second watched.
•  Premium PPM allows us to offer higher quality movies that studios would not allow us to offer before
•  Premium PPM will help us expand our library of PPM movies
•  Premium PPM will allows us to offer studios who previously would not join the PPM program
•  2:1 Premium PPM ratio - 2 seconds will be deducted from your Pay-Per-Minute time for every second watched
Why are we making this change?
We now have the ability to bring you content that was never before offered, but to do so the studios are requiring us to charge more. The majority of our PPM movies will remain the same, but to see the biggest adult releases PPM has to offer, you will use more of a little more of your PPM time . This is a requirement the studios are imposing on us and to continue bringing you the content you have come to expect from our PPM service, we must implement this change on our site.