JO H2O Personal Lube - 4.5 oz.

System Jo / 5 out of 5
Sex Toy
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5 out of 5
5Visual Appeal
5Recreational Value
5Tactile Appeal

Take a dive into pleasure!

In-House Review - Jul 02 2010

The manufacturers of System Jo were on the right track when they named their non-silicone personal lubricant "H2O"! That's because the JO H2O Personal Lube looks more like water than any other lubricant I have ever seen or used in my life! When I first looked at the bottle and read the name, I considered the fact that it just might actually be only water inside, but after trying it, I can assure you that there is more to JO H2O Personal Lube than water.

Fragrance-free and safe for use with latex, JO H2O Personal Lube is perfect for use with a partner, and it felt like it lasted longer than other lubricants, which made it even better. Afterwards, I didn't feel gross or sticky, and the lube itself washed off easily and quickly. And if you're by yourself and feeling a little randy, this lubricant is also great for solo play, whether used with toys or not!

So if you're looking for a new lubricant, I recommend you try out JO H2O Personal Lube from System JO!

5 out of 5
5Visual Appeal
5Recreational Value
5Tactile Appeal

The perfect water based lube to buy again and again.

David A.
Customer Review - Jan 06 2012

Since my last review of WET Naturals and WET Light I have purchased and tried a few other brands. I will get to reviewing all of them, but right now I want to talk about my favorite, one which I will purchase again in the future.

System JO
JO H2O Personal Lubricant

Discreet Packaging
The bottle does not attract attention. You could leave it on the dresser with all your other things and it wouldn't be easily recognizable as lube. Other brands I have purchased come in oddly shaped bottles that stand out. I dont know about you but I don't want my personal lubricant to stand out! The fact that you could leave it in the open means you don't have to go to your secret hiding place every time you want to get it.

Easy Dispensing
Very simple design, easy to use, and durable. Im not a fan of pump dispensers, or flip cap dispensers. Both are difficult to operate when your hands are slippery. And in the case of pump dispensers, the mechanism sometimes stops working properly after a while. System JO uses a simple push button dispenser that is easy to use at all times.

The consistency is nice and thick, lasts long, and washes off easily. I am very happy with it. It really comes down to preference when choosing one brand over another. There are plenty of good lubes out there that work just fine. System JO is on par with the top brands on the market. Like I said, I will purchase again.

The price is very competitive with all the other brands out there. At $11.99 for a 4.5oz bottle, its significantly cheaper than Astroglide, a little cheaper than WET, and about the same as Gun Oil.