Icicles No. 2

Pipedream / 4.5 out of 5
Sex Toy
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4.5 out of 5
4Visual Appeal
4Recreational Value
5Tactile Appeal

Icicles usually freeze, but this one will make you melt.

Roxanne Valzone
Customer Review - Sep 23 2012

The moment I saw the Icicles No.2 I thought it was absolutely beautiful, even down to the packaging! With the magnetic front panel lifting to reveal the toy through a clear opening, I instantly thought of either a large fancy Christmas ornament or a mythical unicorn horn, both such wonder things! I would definitely say this is perfect gift packaging if you chose to go that route, and getting a slight glimpse of it without even having it out of the package instantly made me want to give it a whirl!

I've always wanted to try/own a glass toy, usually wonderful to look at, like a piece of art. Of course the main thing that matters though, does the look match the feeling? A few things that were a given with the Icicles No.2 was its weight. A heavier toy that feels solid, in and out of the body. I'm not one who really cares about sex toy color, but because this toy is clear, it's suitable for those who a picky about those things, plus when wet, the light glistens off the stacked spheres as if it were actually ice, making for an all around 'on the rocks' visually pleasing experience. With length being around 8 3/4 inches with 9 stacked spheres ranging in tapering sizes, this toy is great for beginners who want to start off small and slowly feel exactly what it's like to gradually move up each level. The Icicles No. 2 can also be flipped around, since the larger end is obstruction free, for someone who wants to dive right in and enjoy the slightly larger things in life. Still, a totally reasonable in size! Although the toy is smooth textured, no big veiny action here, each taper can surely be felt!

When it came to vaginal use, the Icicles No. 2 needed no lube, but since it is non porous and made of Pyrex glass, the same kind of glass some of the best measuring cups are made of in my opinion, any sort of lube can be used. The overall vaginal experience was marvelous! To start off slow, feeling the size of each round section, then over time building up speed is something I would 100% recommend. Along with the in and out motion, the weight of the toy was beneficial. There is no curve to toy, but letting the weight of the toy fall down, and applying pressure to the base angled the No. 2 straight up, perfect for G-spot stimulation. Just my opinion and understanding that G-spots are different with everyone, the simplicity of the toy was making it easy to experiment with.

As for anal use, I was hesitant to plunge into the larger end, but with smaller end first, moving section by section, it was instant anal bead like action. Again, great for beginners that want to slowly get used to the feeling and get a little stretch to their rear door! I know with glass toys temperature play is a huge thing, heating and cooling the toy before use, but I didn't even get that far yet and the Icicles No. 2 has already out preformed some of my other favorite toys. I can only imagine how much better the experience could get with temperature altering involved.

All in all though the Icicles No. 2 certainly will make you wet like an icicle, easy to wash and even dishwasher safe. No need to worry about batteries and it's certainly worth the money. You will certainly no be disappointed!