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All Taped Up

In-House Review - Oct 01 2012

The Fetish Fantasy Pleasure Tape, while definitely sexy-looking, was slightly difficult to get the hang of. It is true that it only sticks to itself, which is great, if you don't want your hair being ripped out of your body or if you don't want to ruin any lingerie or other fabrics, but that is also what makes it difficult to use: it only sticks to itself.

You can't just put it on your body and hope it will stay on. You have to actually have it looped around a part of your body to make it stay. However, when you do have it sticking to itself, the tape actually is hard to separate from itself.

Another thing to note is that while it's called "tape", it's not really tape. In fact, you can reuse the strips you cut off the roll again and again, so long as you can still manipulate them.

The Fetish Fantasy Pleasure Tape is a product that I would recommend for both new and hardcore bondage enthusiasts, as well as couples who are looking to spice things up in the bedroom.

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