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Adult Empire explores the porn superstar Lisa Anns first scene in the adult industry- Read more now!

Her First Scene: Lisa Ann

Strange as it may seem, porn legend Lisa Ann did have a first porn scene, although you need to trek back all the way to the era of Forrest Gump and Newt Gingrich to find it. Step into the Adult Empire time machine as we look at the very first hardcore scene shot by one of porn’s most durable stars! Read more...
Best of the Sale: Classis porn videos!

Best of the Sale: Classic Porn Videos

A classic needs to stand the test of time, contain some interesting stylistic flourishes, and in general capture a particular mood and moment so well that it still commands audience attention long after its release. Anyone who came of age when these movies were in their prime will find them to be an engaging memory of some of their first glimpses of adult entertainment, and anyone who is experiencing them for the first time is in for a retro treat. Read more...
Adult Empire's Final Femme is here! -Vote now!

Final Femme Round Two- Division One

Final Femme continues here with the fourth division to Round One! These hot starlets are waiting for your votes to determine who will move onto the next round. Cast your votes today! Vote now...
Adult Empire Pulse March 25th: 'Art of Anal Sex 10' hits #1 DVD

AE Pulse Mar. 25: ‘The Art of Anal Sex 10’ Tops DVD Charts

Adult Empire’s update lets you put your finger on the pulse of what’s going on at AE! Get the lowdown on the most popular movies and stars on Adult Empire last week with our top-spot rankings: Read more...