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All-sex movies do not typically acknowledge the cameraperson as part of the scene, a distinction that separates the category from the related genre of Gonzo . (In modern porn, however, the difference between gonzo and all sex is sometimes vague and contingent on the interpretation of the particular director or studio.) All sex became a porn standard in the wake of the revolution set off by gonzo porn. Gonzo demonstrated that audiences enjoyed porn movies that removed plot and characters to focus on sex, leaving the door open for wall-to-wall sex movies that did not feature the participatory camera operators essential to gonzo. The catch-all term for such movies became “all sex.” Often as many as half of all new-release movies on Adult Empire in a given three-month period will come for the all-sex category.

Movies in the all-sex category appeal to fans who prefer adult movies that are not bogged down in plotlines that distract from the hardcore action itself. The genre pre-figured the internet era, when “cut-to-the-chase” pornography would become prevalent.

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