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Ariel X

alias:Ariel XXX
birthplace:Los Angeles, California
born:May 15 (Taurus)
height:5 ft. 4 in.
eye color: Green
hair color: Black
measurements:34B - 23" - 34"

I was born and raised in glorious California. I think I'm the only female adult "talent" to have this fortune ( or misfortune, depending on how you look at it ) I grew up with 5 brothers and 2 sisters...yes, that makes 8 children, all from the same mother and father and yes, we were ( key word, "were") Mormon. I was a great student in school but I wasn't very popular. I have a very morbid sense of humor so in school I was outcasted as a freak...people mistook me to be a "gothic personality". I used to make dead baby jokes, abortion jokes, serial killer jokes, Jesus jokes ( okay okay I said "used to" but I still do"). Let's just say people didn't appreciate my sense of humor or my love for Batman. I was lucky enough to have landed a scholarship, for my college days. I ran cross country and studied business marketing and eventually got my AA. I stopped going to school because I found that it really got in the way of my education. Fast-forward to 2003; that's the year I started flashing my shit for cash. I started my career in "modeling" because my 5 brothers, along with every dude I dated, were infatuated with girlie magazines and (as sick as it sounds) I wanted to be one of the wanted girls. I actually thought it would be a fast flight to fame and fortune with as little work as possible but that wasn't the case. I figured I would do "fetish modeling" because it seemed I was already "type cast" that way for having fair skin, black hair and, god forbid, small natural breasts. I found that most glamour photographers wanted nothing to do with me. Once I shot with Kelly Lind, however, photographers started looking at me differently. Kelly was able to give me professional pictures that made me look like a fucking goddess. Sometimes all it takes is one photographer to take the risk of shooting a model and then other photographers will follow because they see that the model has actual potential. I accredit Kelly Lind and his brilliant Makeup Artist, Alex Lamarsh, as the people who made me. My "career" didn't really pick up for me until early 2006 when I got an agent, Exotic Star Models, who started to book me work with some of the biggest names in the industry; companies like Playboy, Hustler, Red Light District, ect. I still have a lot more goals as far as my career goes. I have a list of people I want to work with and I am still trying to get someone to put me on the cover of a dildo package. As a side project I am going to get my real estate license and sell homes to porn stars. I have 2 comic series I'm working on but those will take me some time to complete. I consider myself to be a very happy person. I love life in general, though I hate most people. I feel lucky to live on such beautiful soil. Biography Courtesy