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April Flores

birthplace:Los Angeles, California
born:April 30 (Taurus)
height:5 ft. 2 in.
eye color: Brown
hair color: Red
measurements:38DD+ - 45" - 47"

We currently live in an age where access to images of beautiful women is merely one click away at any given time. Our magazine stands have had to make room for the onslaught of new, sexy publications and our base of photographers has opened its borders to include a new army of camera-wielding aspirants who want to capture provocative imagery of their friend, wife, or girl-next-door. Girls who never thought they could include modeling in their repertoire of experience, because of their non-mainstream attributes are now finding homes for their various arrays of height and weight, bold hair colors and body modifications. And while all of that, in essence, is what art is about? expansion and transcendence of societal norms mingling with divine aesthetic presentation and superior artistic skill, this recent complete saturation of the market makes finding something truly outstanding a rarity? Like finding that proverbial needle within the haystack. Discovering a treasure that rises above being easily categorized, that breaks apart from the world it was created in, and itself becomes a muse and an aspirant, creating its own universe. April is that rare, exploding glorious and exciting gem. ~Amy Young, Perihelion Arts Gallery, Phoenix, AZ

April Flores is a muse and erotic performer who seduces viewers with her intoxicating beauty and fearless sexuality. The cover model and feature story of Bizarre Magazine, August 2009, cover of the coffee table book WILD SKIN by Edition Reuss, She's been published in Taschen's New Erotica, London Fashion Magazine CLAM, EGON Magazine by Italian design Studio Kmzero, and has been a guest on PLAYBOY RADIO-Sirius/XM Radio multiple times. Images of her likeness have been featured in Gallery exhibits by COOP, Robert Vargas & George Pitts, fashion editorials in Swindle Magazine, New York Art, Zine Jouissance, and has appeared in films by Vivid, Adam & Eve Pictures, Zero Tolerance, Evil Angel and many other glamorous publications and books.

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Today's newsstands and magazine racks are populated (or should it be polluted?) with models who are stick thin and are wholly unrepresentative of the average American woman. That is where April Flores, AKA Fatty Delicious, comes in. She may be a big girl, but she is a bigger star and better role model for today's females than the majority of today's cover models ever could hope to be.

Born and raised outside of Los Angeles, California, April's family was one that was religious and strict, as well as respectful and nice. Her Ecuadorian father taught April to follow her dreams, which is a lesson she continues to apply to her life today. As she grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, April strived to be skinny, and while she was in college, she lost 80 lbs., but she was still unhappy. It was at this point that she realized that to be happy with life, she had to be happy with herself and accept her body and love it for what it is.

April left college and worked at a mortgage company for a while until her cousin got her a job in Hollywood at a Latino coffee shop. It was at this coffee shop that April met Carlos Betts, a fetish photographer and filmmaker. With the help and encouragement of Carlos, April was able to accept herself even more, which led to her posing for him. There was undeniable chemistry between April and Carlos, and it turned out to be a match made in heaven because the two got married and have been happy together ever since.

Today, April has branched out from photo shoots to starring in films, such as Evil Pink 2, which was her first adult film. April is happy to continue starring in adult films, and her most recent ones are Kiss Attack and Voluptuous Biker Babes. It's no wonder that this curvaceous beauty is popular, and she grows ever more popular with each film she stars in. April's not just popular with men, either - women appreciate and thank April for helping them to feel more confident as they are.

Although she has started taking off with adult films, she still poses for photo shoots. She has been featured in books, including Fetish Dreams and Street World, and in many magazines, such as Paper Magazine, Bizarre Magazine, Marquis, Juggs, and Plumpers.

There's no denying that April is a gorgeous woman, and we hope she continues to push our boundaries with her work. She is bold and a breath of fresh air in an adult industry that is overrun with carbon-copy models, and we look forward to seeing more of her.

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