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Mz Berlin

alias:Mz. Berlin, Mistress Berlin, Berlin
born:June 16 (Gemini)
height:5 ft. 4 in.
eye color: Green
hair color: Red
measurements:36D - 25" - 36"

Berlin has been becoming herself since 2004. My name is M., and Berlin is an ideal.

I suppose I should get the basics out of the way. I'm currently in my mid-twenties and live in Hollywood, CA. I'm a Louisiana native and when I've had too much to drink, my accent gets a bit heavy. My family and later, my friends and I, made constant trips around the state and I feel very lucky to have grown up in such a history soaked environment. I really miss the food, but I get back as often as I can. I majored in psychology in college and am an avid cat lover. I practice yoga, Buddhism and ice-cream eating on an almost daily basis.

But back to Berlin, M., and what we've (I've?) been up to. As well as what this site is all about.

I've always loved curvy pin-up girls. My grandfather was a member of the Air and flew on B-52's. He had little trinkets and T-Shirts and posters of classic pin-up girls all over the house. I grew up thinking that those ladies were the epitome of femininity. Then, at the age of 19, I stumbled across a complete reprint of John Willie's Bizarre Magazine. I had always fantasized about being bound and struggling, as well as wearing a corset, like those I'd seen in Gone With The Wind. These two volumes explained so much and gave me so much more to think about!! I pored over them again and again and again, memorizing and masturbating as much as possible, picturing myself with a 20" waist and a ball gag in place, rope wrapped around me, holding me in place, making me expose...

Well, you get the idea. ;)

But I didn't just want to feel those things, I wanted to see them. I wanted to be one of the girls on the pages of Bizarre. I'd always loved having my picture taken. Hamming it up for the camera has, since birth, been one of my trademarks.

Then, a few months later, I was given a copy of Different Loving by Gloria Brame. It completely changed my perspective. I had hidden my "borrowed" copies of Bizarre and had kept my visions of myself to myself. Reading Different Loving gave me the knowledge that, even if I was a freak- I wasn't alone. Still, I kept my desire to be bound, dominated, spanked and photographed to myself. I kept researching and reading and thinking, but I didn't start talking about my secret obsession for several years. I had already named my "secret" me "Berlin" and kept adding more and more detail to my perception of her.

In the meantime, I began to explore my exhibitionistic side. I began stripping in Dallas and have danced almost everywhere in the South. New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Dallas, Shreveport, N. Carolina, S. Carolina. I danced at little clubs and big ones. Dive bars and five-star restaurants. It didn't matter which club I was at, as long as I got attention while on stage. Some girls would put on a bikini and dance to the latest in rock, while I carefully chose my outfits and would do little skits and stripteases. I loved being watched, knowing that I was putting on a good show, and -of course- the money, but something was missing.

While dancing I met a girl who told me she had a friend for me to meet. That friend led to my first nude modeling job, with Hot Body International. It was amazing!! I was flown out to California and had a wonderful time running around naked in the Southern California weather and having my makeup done. I met one particular model on the shoot. Her name was (and is) Anastasia Pierce. We got to chat while on set (It was a 3 day shoot) and she gave me her email address and website address. I looked it up as soon as I got home to Louisiana and was blown away. Here was a real-life Fetish Model! I followed the links on her site and spent hours poring over different websites, and running search engines. I read everything I could and found a thriving on-line fetish and bondage community. After my first Hot Body layout came out I made up my mind to move to California and pursue nude, bondage and fetish modeling.

I've been in LA since late 2004 and Berlin made her first official appearance around that time. Since then she, and I, have had the opportunity to experience intense, sensual, erotic, exhibitionistic moments in both public and in private. This website is dedicated to Berlins' exploration of fetish and bondage. There's so much I want to explore in front of an audience. I have always thought of Berlin's evolution as an experiment of sorts, and I'd like to document it. From my corset training to bondage and D/S experiences, I want to share it all. I'm fascinated with feet, dominant women, latex, mummification, predicament bondage, smoking, orgasms; the list goes on and on....

So, I hope you'll join me and watch as I become Berlin.

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