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Juli Ashton

alias:Julie Astin
born:October 5 (Libra)
eye color: Blue
hair color: Blonde
measurements:36C - 25" - 35"

Admittedly, the term "girl next door" is one of the most overused phrases ever. However, few stars personify this notion better than Juli Ashton. Her beauty transcends the manufactured look found on the glossy pages of fashion magazines. Instead, she typifies the nameless blonde we pass everyday on the way to work, or the fun loving girl at the bar we didn't have the courage to approach the night before. Overall, Juli's appeal is deeply rooted in her genuine persona, which is evident in her looks, not to mention every one of her performances. Juli is originally a Rocky Mountain girl from Colorado. She grew up in Colorado Springs and also attended college within the state. While going to school, she worked as a waitress in a topless club, but was never really interested in dancing. After earning her degree at the age of 22, Juli taught Spanish at a junior high school. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned and she quit after only one year. She eventually moved to Florida and returned to the familiar work of waiting tables at a strip club. While working, Juli discovered she could make much more money as a dancer than she ever could as a waitress, and ultimately made the transition. This new job gave her the opportunity to question feature dancers about the adult film business, which began to slowly pique her interest. Juli really hit it off with two other Colorado girls (Shayla LaVeaux and Alexis DeVell) that came into the club performing a double act. Shayla and Alexis' Colorado based manager, Lucky Smith, was also in the club and gave Juli his card. Although intrigued, Juli carefully researched the business for another year and a half before contacting Lucky about making movies. Late in 1994, Juli made her debut in a small but memorable scene in Cameron Grant's critically acclaimed The Dinner Party. In the movie, the guests are asked to share a sexual fantasy. To the audience's delight, Randy Spears' fantasy involves two women in a kitchen. The scene begins as Tammy Parks and Juli are preparing some sort of dish. Of course, things get carried away as the two begin to kiss and fondle each other. Before long, the two are tossing indredients around and smearing butter on each other. Grant's knack for visual composition and dramatic slow motion is evident as Juli pours a pitcher of milk over Tammy's beautiful chest. Once the two have made a mess of the kitchen and themselves, their bodies meld together in a seamless writhing mound of flesh as the smooth jazz soundtrack somewhat beguiles the hardcore action occurring on-screen. Overall, the scene is beautifully shot and composed with fantastic performances from both Tammy and Juli; not a bad debut at all. After lightly dabbling in porn for another year, Juli decided to make the plunge on her own terms. With her manager Lucky Smith, Juli negotiated an open contract with VCA making her the company's first contract player. Juli worked for VCA before on New Wave Hookers 4, and they were more than eager to initiate a prolonged relationship with one of porno's up and coming starlets. The open clause in her contract guaranteed work from VCA but did not restrict her to performing solely in their productions. This would give her the freedom to pursue other interests later, but first she needed to fulfill her obligation to VCA. Juli's first big project as a VCA contract girl was in Gregory Dark's follow-up installment to the popular Devil In Miss Jones series. Titled DMJ 5: The Inferno, Dark's latest episode had no narrative connections to the previous films, which allowed him to construct a new story based around the new Justine Jones played by Juli. Although the two had first met during New Wave Hookers 4, Juli and Greg worked closely on the new project to ensure Justine's transformation was vivid and distinct. Between Dark's twisted vision and Juli's ferocious performance, DMJ5 was destined to be a classic. DMJ5 begins with Ms. Justine Jones' introduction to hell. Adopting a plot structure similar to the original, at first Justine is a reserved young woman with several sexual hang-ups. However, by the end of the movie, she's a total nymphomaniac, but sexually unavailable; Dark's twisted take on purgatory. In the movie's bizarre first scene Justine witnesses a live sex show while two older men in the audience fondle her and jack themselves off. In the second scene, it's Justine's chance to perform as the centerpiece of a Greek themed orgy...talk about a baptism of fire! Surrounded by four guys and the ever militant Jeanna Fine, Juli services cocks and dildos in just about every way imaginable. She even gets a sweaty DP with Jeanna pumping away from below with a strap-on, while the different guys take turns plugging her ass. Juli appears in all of the other scenes, but mainly as an observer and not a participant. Still, her presence is very noticeable as she masturbates throughout and slurps cum at the end of each scene. The movie concludes in a massive orgy where Juli pleads for attention but is ultimately ignored until the end when every guy uses her body to catch their flying goo. Just as the journey into hell had a transforming affect on Justine, Juli experienced an equally significant transformation in her image and career as a result of DMJ5's immense success. Impressed with her performance in his previous picture, Cameron Grant promoted Juli to lead actress in his 1995 feature, Passion In Venice. Unlike her scene in The Dinner Party, Passion In Venice required Juli to play a character in addition to performing several sex scenes. Although the movie's plot is somewhat vague and confusing, Juli's performance is definitely above par in terms of acting and sexual prowess. In one of the film's best scenes, Juli catches her boyfriend (Mark Davis) screwing another woman (Anita Blond) in a picturesque Venetian courtyard. Instead of approaching the two in anger, she stays back and masturbates, imagining herself involved in a three-way. Her vivid imagination has her sharing Mark's cock with Anita as well as receiving a pretty good pounding. Juli's other scenes are equally hot, including a girl/girl scene with Deborah Wells and another straight scene with Mark Davis set in a gazebo. In 1996, Juli appeared in Wicked Pictures' big-budget pirate film, Conquest. Starring alongside big-name industry contemporaries such as Jenna Jameson, Shayla La Veaux, and Asia Carrera, Juli outshines them all in her nasty little romp. Set on the deck a pirate ship, Juli takes on three sex-starved sea dogs in a nasty four-way. As always, Juli is at her best when the odds are stacked against her. She manages to service all three cocks with her hands and each available orifice, before the pirates dump their gooey treasure all over her. In addition to Conquest, Juli co-starred in some of porn's most memorable releases in the late 90s. Although her role was pretty obscure, she did appear in Michael Ninn's Shock. Juli was one of the girls (dressed in latex and sporting a strap-on) who ravishes Shayla LaVeaux toward the end of the movie. Juli continued to show her appetite for atypical encounters in Ninn's New Wave Hookers 5. Besides having a three-way with Asia Carerra and Vicca, Juli also takes on two old men in a somewhat bizarre (but still intense) scene. She also had the opportunity to rub (more than) elbows with Ginger Lynn and Marilyn Chambers in their comeback projects. In Veronica Hart's Still Insatiable, Juli had her first scene with Stacy Valentine. Although the setup was pretty simple, both Stacy and Juli really got into the scene and were reluctant to stop when Veronica yelled, "cut." In 1999, Juli returned to the DMJ series in a small role as Nurse Ratchet. Sporting a costume rating high on the nurse fetish meter, Juli has a hot three-way with Chris Cannon and Nikita. Once again, Juli nearly steals the show in her supporting role....she just can't help it. When not making supporting appearances in videos, Juli was busy headlining a number of VCA projects. In 1998, Juli starred in Jim Enright's sci-fi video titled, Vortex. In the movie she plays a scientist accidentally trapped in a time warp that thrusts her into various encounters with various people in different time periods. Before being bounced around the space time continuum, Juli has a hot scene with fellow scientist Tony Tedeschi. Later she gets transported into a sorority house where Rayveness and Johnni Black are more than eager to initiate her. The last scene is creatively shot in black and white as Juli gets it on with a cliché 1940s detective played by Ian Daniels. As the star of the movie, Juli's scenes are excellent and her acting ability is equally impressive. Having proven herself as an A-list performer and a competent actress, VCA slated Juli for the lead role in Veronica Hart's big-budget film, Love's Passion. Juli's character is a successful romance novelist who uses her own relationship triumphs and woes to inspire her work. The movie jumps between Juli's modern life, and the fictional Civil War era drama depicted in her developing novel. In the fictional segments, Juli plays a Scarlet O'Hara knock-off whose husband (Mickey G.) is missing in action. Both stories interweave to provide an interesting mix of scenes, as Juli gets her fill of action from Mickey G. in more than one temporal landscape. She even has a teasing little make-over montage scene when (long time friend) Shayla LaVeaux and Rayveness stop by for a little soft core fashion show. In both timeframes, the script calls for several emotional performances which Juli handles wonderfully. For instance, her emotional tirade against Mickey G. at the end of the film is some of the best acting found in modern porn. The next year she landed another dramatic role in Antonio Passolini's 1999 movie, Bliss. Desparting from the usual porn fare, Bliss is about three dysfunctional couples trying to find happiness in the materialistic cookie cutter existence of bourgeois suburbia. Juli plays the role of Carla, an unsatisfied house wife whose serial infidelity only compounds her depression. Passolini's script attacks the material with fervor and never backs down from reality, making Bliss a highlight (albeit a depressing one) in Juli's filmography. Despite the downer storyline, the sex scenes are all hot featuring a great cast. One of Juli's best scenes is the opener with Tony Tedeschi, who plays her best friend's husband. Set in a compact bathroom, the two screw away while their respective spouses (Tina Tyler & Joel Lawrence) conduct a friendly conversation downstairs. According to Passolini, Juli requested an anal sequence even though it wasn't scripted; once again, she was getting into the scene and wanted to prolong it. To the audience's benefit, Passolini fulfilled her request...and Tony did the honors. Taking a break from the heavy dramatics of her past few roles, Juli appeared in some lighter projects. In Queen of S.M.U.T. Juli plays the title role, a survivor of a nuclear holocaust, or Survivor of Mankind's Unthinkable Tragedy. Alone at first, she eventually hooks up with a few other survivors whose favorite method of passing time is sex. Juli has a number of scenes, but one of her best is a limo scene with Melanie Stone. Equally pleasant is the closing scene with Juli participating in a three-way with Evan Stone and Keri Windsor. In one of the more unique adult titles in recent memory, Juli was the focus of VCA's Fantasex title, Being With Juli Ashton. Loosely based on the mainstream film Being John Malkovich, the movie focuses on a portal that leads Steve Hatcher and Chloe into the bodies and minds of people having sex with Juli Ashton. This results in some POV shots during the sex scenes that adds a unique perspective to the usual mix of camera angles. In addition to the unique story, the DVD features a Fantasex option allowing users to interact in a virtual sex session with Juli. When Juli isn't appearing in movies, she's busy with a number of other business endeavors. She has co-hosted Playboy TV's Night Calls for a few years and continues to enjoy her association with the popular call-in cable program. Juli's also been hard at work behind the scenes with her production company, Ashton View Promotions. She started the company a few years ago, and has since struck a distribution deal with Wicked. Ashton View has released three titles in the "Essentially" series featuring Juli, pal Shayla LaVeaux, and Dee. The future is wide open for Juli as she continues to enjoy success in front of and behind the camera. Biography written by Dr. Mabuse