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Adult Empire Pulse April 15th: Threesome Fantasies back at #1 DVD!

AE Pulse Apr. 15: ‘Threesome Fantasies Fulfilled’ Returns to #1

Adult Empire’s update lets you put your finger on the pulse of what’s going on at AE! Get the lowdown on the most popular movies and stars on Adult Empire last week with our top-spot rankings: Read more...
Adult Empire interviews porn director Ricky Greenwood.

Director Ricky Greenwood: The 'Sinful Nun 2' Interview

If making an incredible piece of erotica atones for one’s sins, Ricky Greenwood‘s soul is pure white. He’s gained praise for his thoughtful, cinematic porn movies that call to mind classics from the ’70s and ’80s. His latest is Confessions of a Sinful Nun 2: The Rise of Sister Mona, the second in a proposed trilogy of nunsploitation movies for Sweetheart Video. (The movie is available on Adult Empire as a VOD exclusive!) He chatted with Adult Empire about the challenges of making the sequel. Read more...
India Summer stars in MILF Performers of the Year 2019.

MILF India Summer Is Still Loving the Ride!

You have to love the interview segments in the MILF Performers of the Year series! They always offer a fun little window into the personality and humor of the star featured in the scene to follow. We dove into the India Summer interview segment of the 2019 edition (newly released on DVD this week) to produce five fun facts about this popular MILF. Read more...
A Amsterdam theater offers 5D porn experience!

Amsterdam Theater Offers 5D Porn Experience

You’re probably familiar with 3D and virtual reality, but have you ever heard of 5D porn? Nope, you’re not seeing things. That says “5D.” A theater in Amsterdam’s Red Light District is offering an adult experience that goes wildly beyond the simple flat images that have been porn’s mainstay since its inception. Read more...