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Main Squeeze Jessie Andrews UltraSkyn Stroker sex toy.

Main Squeeze Jessie Andrews UltraSkyn Stroker

Main Squeeze Jessie Andrews is a very sophisticated and great looking stroker for guys who enjoy jerking off the best way, either alone or with their significant other's help. I found this sex toy to be extremely creative and the puffy feeling of Jessie Andrews' labia was terrific! more

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JO H2O for Him - 4 oz. lubricant.

JO H2O for Him

I'm not exactly sure why it says For Him but anybody could use it really. I stand behind JO's products because they always make really good lube. Just as they promise it glides on smoothly without leaving a sticky or tacky feeling. It's silky smooth and lasts a long time. You don't have to keep reapplying like you do with others. I also love the price tag on JO's lube for the large amount you get. Believe me..when the product is good you don't even need a lot to begin with. It wipes off easily and cleanly without making your skin feel yucky afterward. LOVE this stuff and you can use water based lubes with any toy basically. more

Fleshlight: Kiiroo Onyx Interactive Masturbator - Jessica Drake Experience sex toy.

Fleshlight: Kiiroo Onyx Interactive Masturbator - Jessica Drake Experience

The Kiiroo was definitely an experience and there was a lot to take in. I will explain everything there is to want to know about it in simple terms that anyone can understand. Right off the bat, I will give it a 4 and explain why it's not the perfect masturbator. So right away I am holding this big intimidating box in my hands and I peek around to look at all the functions available on this thing. more

Dr. Laura Berman - Athena Waterproof Mini Vibe sex toy.

Dr. Laura Berman - Athena Waterproof Mini Vibe

This little vibe is adorable. It's one for the ladies who want to keep it discreet. It doesn't come with batteries so you will have to have a AA battery on hand for it. I guess most people have those laying around so that's good and it's only one. I think the positive I have found about this mini vibe is that it has 4 changeable tops to it. They are all soft and made out of TPR. It's easy to use with just the turn of it to turn it on or off. more

The Tube - UR3 Love Glove - Clear sex toy.

The Tube - UR3 Love Glove - Clear

I love me some doc Johnson! This product is simple in its simplest form. It's a soft clear tube with ridges running on the inside of it. While pleasurable and easy to use the ridges are not rough but a gentle sensation for your. You could also turn it inside out if you would prefer stroking against something completely smooth. No suction here as both ends are open which also makes it very easy to clean. I will say that due to the material it is made of you might want to store it away in a plastic baggie or keep the plastic packaging it comes in. more

Zero Tolerance The Bomb Dirty Masturbator - Green sex toy.

Zero Tolerance The Bomb Dirty Masturbator - Green

I can't help but love how creative the Zero Tolerance team was with this sex toy. This mini bomb is cool to keep afterward as a little decor piece, honestly! I like how you can even travel with it discreetly if you remove the outer wrapper. Who would even know what it was at first glance? Let's talk about how this feels. My boyfriend loved the close ridges in this one. It's stretchy but durable. It also comes with some great lubrication to use it with. more

Colt 7-Function Twin Turbo Bullets sex toy.

Colt 7-Function Twin Turbo Bullets

Double bullets are always fun because you can use them by yourself or with a partner. The colt seems to be the leader in bullets as I have learned since they are simple and straight forward to use. The control is as comfortable as its going to get for the affordable price tag on it. The wire length on it is pretty long so you can have some leeway in between use as a couple or even more people ( think 3-4 some ) more