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Optimum Power - Pussy Power Stroker sex toy.

Optimum Power - Pussy Power Stroker

Alright, so here's your typical power stroker which is either controlled by batteries or a plug in if they're playing nice. This particular stroker takes a whopping 4 AA batteries which are not included. It's beautifully made which they will get my credit there. From the clear casing to the delightfully gorgeous pearl like beads inside the power stroker. The pussy attachment up top comes with a clear cover to protect it from dirt/debris/dust which is helpful for the material. It looks very realistic and feels nice. The plastic tube like controller feels a little cheap to me and the gliding power button is a little tough. more

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Senso Cock Ring - 6 Pack sex toy.

Senso Cock Ring - 6 Pack

Now here's something we don't come across very often as a couple. They looked fun and we just had to try them out. The colors are pretty and will put you in the mood. You can use these rings in many different ways. You can place them just under the head of the penis on your man or even use this on a dildo. You can use it on a wand. You could also stretch this over the top of your man's balls. (Please just be careful and gentle) more

Real Feel Deluxe No. 1 - Flesh - 6.5 Inch sex toy.

Real Feel Deluxe No. 1 - Flesh - 6.5 Inch

In my opinion a dildo is a dildo. Yeah they can have a texture shaft, have different vibration modes or be different sizes that can really fill you up or give you the satisfaction of feeling what a truly lengthy penis feels like, but they never truly got me excited to use. For once I will say that all those so so dildo thoughts vanished when I tried this Real Feel dildo from Pipedreams. I loved that the size was realistic. 6.5" is jussssst right, but what made it better was that this dildo has girth as well. And just enough of it. The texture is glorious and has a life like super soft skin like feel and makes you want to reach for it because it feel that good. Because it is lifelike and soft, the material gives a little bit with movement when in use, so the experience is more pleasurable. more

Jada Stevens Anal Stroker  sex toy.

Jada Stevens Anal Stroker

So by now I have tried so many different strokers. They're all a little bit different but sometimes can be very similar. I'm impressed by the Jada Stevens stroker. It's not too big and not too small. The quality of the stroker feels great to the touch. The coloring on it is beautiful. The handle grip for the outside of it is pretty useful. My favorite part of this stroker is the inside grooves of it. more

EXSENS of Paris Organic Massage Oil w/Stones - Amethyst Sweet Almond sex toy.

EXSENS of Paris Organic Massage Oil w/Stones - Amethyst Sweet Almond

I have used some pretty trashy massage oils. By trashy I mean messy, stinky, runny, and sticky. These Exsens massage oils are some of the best I have come across though! You can feel the quality of the oil and can tell that they are made of good natural ingredients instead of fillers. I have used the oils both for massaging with a partner and even for dry skin when coming out of the shower. When using with a partner, the oil had a smooth glide that was not sticky what so ever. more

Waterproof Clitoral Hummer sex toy.

Waterproof Clitoral Hummer

I feel like the quality of wands is getting better. This one looks gorgeous. I love the pearlescent look to it and the shape of it. It's comfortable to handle. Trying to figure out how to open the device to put the batteries is the tough part. The opening at the bottom was even hard for my boyfriend to open. I think it should have been made a little simpler. I guess they had to make it heavy duty since it's waterproof. more

Wicked Aqua Pink Lemonade - 4 oz. sex toy.

Wicked Aqua Pink Lemonade - 4 oz.

I'm a big fan of flavored lubes and this one did not disappoint at all. The bottle is sleek and beautiful. I love the pump top on it. The smell is outrageously delicious. It will arouse the senses like no other. I think the taste could have been a tad better but overall loved it. The quality of the lube itself was perfect. It wasn't sticky or tacky which is always a positive point in lubrications. Great for hand jobs and giving head. Loved it! more