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Blow Yo - Ultimate Bubble - Intense Oral Super Stroker - Clear sex toy.

Blow Yo - Ultimate Bubble - Intense Oral Super Stroker - Clear

When I first saw these strokers come out I loved the look of them! A big fat textured donut look. I am all about using strokers on my partner when I get the chance, so when a visit occurred, the fun WAS ON with this toy. Now yes, a realistic orifice stroker wouldn't arouse me like it would a man, but that's what I liked about this toy. The simplicity. Although yes, there is a time to bust out the vag and ass strokers and go to town as well. The texture was super soft and had the perfect indentation/dip in it for you to get a good grip on it. more

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Wet Platinum - 8.9 oz. sex toy.

Wet Platinum - 8.9 oz.

Wet is just such a good brand to go with for lubrication. I don't touch silicone lube on any of my toys because some toys are just not meant to handle it. This is great for hand play or massages. The silicone lubrication is silky smooth and lasts long. It didn't leave me with any sticky feeling. The top cap on it is convenient although I prefer pump tops the best. The bottle itself is comfortable to hold for quick use so you don't slip it through your hands. Very good! more

Inmi Shegasm Pro sex toy.

Inmi Shegasm Pro

I have tried other clit stimulating toys such as this, and they were wonderful, so I was expecting this one to be relatively the same. Not true! The Inmi takes that clit sucking design that has become so popular and added a few bells and whistles to make the masturbation, or even couples play, to a whole new level. The interchangeable tips are what did it for me, on top of 10 vibration suction levels. more

Pocket Exotics Silver Bullet sex toy.

Pocket Exotics Silver Bullet

I love bullet vibes! You can never own enough of them in case one duds out on you over time, they are cheap, they do the job wonderfully, and they are way more powerful than expected. This Cal Exotics bullet is easy to grip with a long chord, so it is perfect to use to explore all over the body. I love using it for clit play, but nipple vibrations is my 2nd favorite. The twisty knob on the side is easy to turn while in use, even with lube covered fingers. So no problems there! more

Latex Open Crotch Panties sex toy.

Latex Open Crotch Panties

I have ALWAYS wanted a pair of latex clothing, but the price of latex products have always been on the high side. These panties are so reasonably priced and a true quality product...which I was kind of surprised of. When you first open the panties, they look like a large flat underwear pattern, but don't be fooled! I surely didn't think they were going to fit, looking like they would be on the larger size, but when put on, they clung to the body perfectly. I am around a size 10, but I even think that if you were a little bigger than that, the panties would cling you're your curves perfectly. more

Wicked Masturbation Creme - 4 oz. sex toy.

Wicked Masturbation Creme - 4 oz.

This is a really good product! A friend of mine recommended this for my partner, as her boyfriend really likes it, and I ended up buying it. No complaints :) I never knew you could use it as a hand cream like another reviewer said, but I will certainly try. more

Fleshlight Girls - Nikki Benz MVP sex toy.

Fleshlight Girls - Nikki Benz MVP

I had to look up Nikki because I wasn't familiar with her. She's an older gal in the porn industry at 34 which made sense to me looking at her Fleshlight. There's nothing wrong with that at all but it's actually something I can appreciate. This is my second Fleshlight and the lips on this one definitely holds more loving detail to it. There are more lines and crevices you can run your fingers over to occupy your imagination. She has a pretty pearlescent case which can be loosened or tightened at the end of it for suction intensity. There's plenty of room for all you blessed big dicked guys but for the average guy there's plenty of stimulation to enjoy. You shouldn't have a problem when inserting either way. more