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Stay Hard: All In sex toy.

Stay Hard: All In

A little more than your typical see through stroker. Not my favorite material only because it's way too easy for this to collect dust. You have to be careful cleaning and putting this back away in a giant ziplock bag or you will ruin in after uses. So the material is very squishy and it does feel good according to my boyfriend. It doesn't have hard friction to it which he is fond of but if you just want a squishibly soft hole to put it in then this is good for you. The cute little mouth insert is nice and the two different textures going down is fun. It keeps things feeling different for you. more

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Crystal Premium Glass - Medium Plug - Green sex toy.

Crystal Premium Glass - Medium Plug - Green

When the New Sensations line of toys came out, I had the opportunity to peruse the selection and pick through all kinds of fun colors and shapes. There were lots of tempting massagers and toys for couples, but I chose a very standard plug. You see, I used to have the perfect glass butt plug in my collection. It was clear with blue swirls and it was just the right size. It stayed in place during masturbation or intercourse. I will never know what happened to my favorite plug... maybe it got lost or vengefully tossed out by a jilted lover. Sigh. But now I have found the perfect replacement. My medium Crystal Premium glass plug fits all the criteria from my previous plug. The size seems to be the exact same. This one is a solid color and very pretty. more

Curve Novelties Mistress Mercedes Mouth - Chocolate sex toy.

Curve Novelties Mistress Mercedes Mouth - Chocolate

My lucky boyfriend got to play with Mercedes mouth for the double blow of his dreams. Out of the box she was darker in color. Instead of looking Spanish I would say it's more African American looking. The mouth was not pink but the whole thing was solid dark brown. It didn't bother us at all though. The realism of the sculpt is beautiful. The back end is open as well. I wish it was closed for a little more suction but it turned out fine. The tongue is probably the most realistic one I have seen to date on a mouth stroker. Once you apply the lube it feels pretty real. more

Scandal Pony Play Kit sex toy.

Scandal Pony Play Kit

So wanting to do full blown pony play wasn't high up on my list of things to do in the bedroom, but when I opened this kit, I instantly knew it was perfect for a beginner or someone who wanted to keep the pony play subtle. We will say not full gallop, but more so a sexual trot. The plug in this kit is on the smaller size. I wish it was maybe an inch larger in circumfrance, but that's just personal preference. Instead of being a bulbous topped plug, it's more of an elongated bell shape that stays firmly in place when in use. Because of the bell shape, it was nice when my partner would pull the hair of the plug a little bit so that it would pull the plug out of a secure position and cause the taper to be felt with slight removal motions. more

Love Tails: Flora Gold Plug with Pink Pom Pom - Medium sex toy.

Love Tails: Flora Gold Plug with Pink Pom Pom - Medium

I love this new popularity with tails of all sorts being attached to butt plugs. Flora from the Love Tails line was absolutely adorable. The gold chrome plated plug was just right in size to make the toy fun to use without it being too large to have to focus on getting it in without ease, and not too small where the sensation of have a plug in couldn't be felt. The pink soft tail was just the right size as well. I thought that with insertion, the pom pom would either be too large and get in the way, or too small where it would get lost between my cheeks. Because the toy was chrome plated I was excited to be able to use such a cute toy in a thermal play way. more

Astroglide Personal Lubricant - 5 oz sex toy.

Astroglide Personal Lubricant - 5 oz

Not long ago I reviewed the Astroglide Warming Liquid and I wasn't too impressed with the "warming" part and I thought it was kinda expensive for the small amount. This time I'm reviewing a more conventional version of the Astroglide, the water-based lubricant with no features added. more

Red Boy Butt Plug - Medium sex toy.

Red Boy Butt Plug - Medium

This is the second Red Boy toy I've tried and I am very pleased with the simplicity and outer coating on this line of adult playthings. Red Boy has a nice variety of sizes for each toy you might want to give a try. I knew the larger plugs would be a little too much for me, and I believe that I am past the "beginner" stage, so the obvious choice was the medium plug. Admittedly, the medium butt plug was slightly larger than what I had in mind, but once this smooth, tapered shape is lubed up it is pure bliss. more