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Climax Gems Emerald Hand Job Stroker - Green sex toy.

Climax Gems Emerald Hand Job Stroker - Green

Climax Gems Emerald Hand Job Stroker is a very beautiful masturbator and I was surprised of the low price of this stroker -- it looks like something more expensive! The toy's parent company Topco describes it as a simple masturbatory aid boasting which brings extraordinary results thanks to its supple CyberSkin material and intensely ribbed design. THE TECHNICAL STUFF: The uniquely shaped stroker is purposely designed for maximum stimulation, offering a tight and completely encompassing opening that leads to three gradually tapered chambers of intense ribbing that tightens as you thrust deeper. Perfect for gripping, you can apply the perfect amount of pressure to any of these pleasure centers to suit your desire, and its 6 inch length offers plenty of surface area for any sized shaft. more

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JO H2O for Him - 4 oz. lubricant.

JO H2O for Him

I'm not exactly sure why it says For Him but anybody could use it really. I stand behind JO's products because they always make really good lube. Just as they promise it glides on smoothly without leaving a sticky or tacky feeling. It's silky smooth and lasts a long time. You don't have to keep reapplying like you do with others. I also love the price tag on JO's lube for the large amount you get. Believe me..when the product is good you don't even need a lot to begin with. It wipes off easily and cleanly without making your skin feel yucky afterward. LOVE this stuff and you can use water based lubes with any toy basically. more

Fleshlight: Kiiroo Onyx Interactive Masturbator - Jessica Drake Experience sex toy.

Fleshlight: Kiiroo Onyx Interactive Masturbator - Jessica Drake Experience

The Kiiroo was definitely an experience and there was a lot to take in. I will explain everything there is to want to know about it in simple terms that anyone can understand. Right off the bat, I will give it a 4 and explain why it's not the perfect masturbator. So right away I am holding this big intimidating box in my hands and I peek around to look at all the functions available on this thing. more

The 9's: Orange Is The New Black Whip It sex toy.

The 9's: Orange Is The New Black Whip It

If you are looking for a simple way to spice things up at a low price, this whip is perfect. Sometimes you want to try something new for a little fun but BDSM products, even low key ones like floggers and whips, can get a little pricey for an item that you aren't going to use THAT often. This whip is perfect for testing the waters to see if you are into light bondage play or even if used often for tickling or light whipping. I was surprised at the length of the whip and how light it actually was. It isn't the BEST quality, but it certainly gets the job done. more

Large Plug - Black sex toy.

Large Plug - Black

When I first got this plug I thought that there was no way I was going to be able to fully insert this toy into my ass. Yes, I do enjoy anal and will use toys, but for some reason this was giving me a little bit of anxiety. This toy is SUPER smooth and has a nice gradual taper. The plug isn't totally hard in texture, so if you were to squeeze it, it has slight cushion. I figured that personally, there was no way I was going to be able to take this toy, but for someone who is into slightly larger toys, possibly getting into fisting or trying to stretch out for a partner with a larger penis, this could be a good toy to take your regular anal training to the next level. more

Zero Tolerance The Bomb Dirty Masturbator - Green sex toy.

Zero Tolerance The Bomb Dirty Masturbator - Green

I can't help but love how creative the Zero Tolerance team was with this sex toy. This mini bomb is cool to keep afterward as a little decor piece, honestly! I like how you can even travel with it discreetly if you remove the outer wrapper. Who would even know what it was at first glance? Let's talk about how this feels. My boyfriend loved the close ridges in this one. It's stretchy but durable. It also comes with some great lubrication to use it with. more

Basix 8 Inch Thicky w/ Suction Cup - Flesh sex toy.

Basix 8" Thicky w/ Suction Cup - Flesh

Right when I got this dildo, I was a little worried about what the scent would be like. Sounds weird, but in the past I have had other rubber dildos that contained an odd smell that was a total turn off. I have also heard others complain about this as well, so that made me feel a little less odd. No problem with that with the Basix 8" Thicky though! Minimal smell. I am always looking for a thicker dildo instead of something with a little more length. This dildo was the whole package though. more