Your Empire Wish List:

Our newly redesigned Wish List not only allows our customers to keep a list of products they are interested in but do not wish to buy immediately, but also offers many other great features as well. Plus, your Wish List is stored with your account info and can be edited at any time.
Our new Wish List offers you:
• Search and Sort by functions - Use the search fields and sort dropdown boxes to find the item on your Wish List faster than ever before. The search fields are located in the top right corner of the page and the sorts display across the top of your Wish List for easy access.
• Email your Wish List to your family and friends - Click the 'Email Wish list' button to enter your family and friends email addresses and add a personal message if you want. They will receive an email with a link to your Wish List so they can see exactly what you want.

Please Note: Since you are going to be sending your Wish List to your family and friends, we offer you the ability to make your items either Public or Private so items you do not want them to view will not display.
• Tags and Notes - Add tags (your own personal keywords) and notes to each item you add to your Wish List. Tags and notes can help you keep track of the items on your Wish List and make it easier to make buying decisions. You can even sort by your tags using the drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of the page.
• Print View - Print your Wish List for easy reference when making buying decisions. Each item's box art, price, stock status, etc. will display on the printable view.
• Manage your Wish List En Masse - Use the "Select Action" drop down menu to:
• Move Items to Orders - You can move items from your Wish List to an Order you are currently building or to Orders that have not processed for shipment yet.
• Move Items to your Rental List - Move items from your Wish List to your Rental List. Items will be added to your Membership Rental list, so you must have an active membership to receive that rental.
• Make Items Private or Public - When sending your Wish List to family and friends, you might want to make some of your items not display. By making some items "private" those items will not display to your family and friends when they see your list.