How to Resubmit an Order

You may only Resubmit Orders that have not been removed from our System. If an Order has been removed from our System, you cannot Resubmit it and must create a new Order for the items.

If your Order was placed "On Hold" due to incorrect information, you may edit that information online then Resubmit that Order for processing.
Resubmitting an Order:
1.  Click the 'Your Account' link in the upper left hand corner of all our pages.
2.  Select the 'Order History' tab in the left nav bar.
3.  A list will appear directly below "Order History" in the nav bar.
4.  Select the "On Hold" or "Canceled" Orders tab.
5.  Click 'View' next to the Order you wish to Resubmit.
6.  Under the "Modifications" section of the order, click the 'Update' button next to the Resubmit info.
7.  If your Order's information has changed, a page will open listing those changes. If those changes are acceptable, click the "Resubmit Order" button.
8.  If your Order's information has not changed, the View Order page will refresh and the Order's status will be listed as Open.
9.  The Order is now Active and will be processed when we next process Orders for shipment.
Note: Once the Order has been reactivated, you may Edit the Order as normal. Click any of the links below for more information.
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 Editing Order Info:
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 Editing Shipping Info:
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 Editing Gift Info:
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