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General Questions

Q: How does an Rental Membership work?

A: Your monthly membership allows you to keep a revolving library of rental movies (the number is determined by your Membership Level) that can be updated at any time. All of our rental movies are shipped in a non-descript envelope/box and include the return envelope. After you are done with a movie, simply mail it in its postage-paid return envelope and after we receive it in our system, your next available title will be on its way.

Note: We only process rental shipments during normal Empire business hours.

  1. Join the Empire Rental Program. New customers will need to Create An Account with us, but if you already have an Empire account, you can use your existing account.
  2. Choose a Membership Level that suits your needs and Activate your Account.
    • Silver Membership -       2 movies out at a time + 60 FREE VOD minutes for $17.99 per month
    • Gold Membership -         3 movies out at a time + 60 FREE VOD minutes for $24.99 per month
    • Platinum Membership - 4 movies out at a time + 60 FREE VOD minutes for $27.99 per month
    • Emerald Membership - 6 movies out at a time + 60 FREE VOD minutes for $39.99 per month
    • Diamond Membership - 8 movies out at a time + 60 FREE VOD minutes for $53.95 per month
  3. Browse our selection, add the titles to your Rental List you want to see and then rank them in the order you wish to see them.
  4. Keep the rentals as long as you want and when you return them in the postage paid envelope we provide, we will send you the next available titles on your Rental List. There are NO due dates, late fees or other hidden charges.

Important Information:

  • The Empire Rental program does not ship Internationally.
  • Due to the U.S. Supreme Court's decision on June 21, 2018 in the South Dakota vs Wayfair case we are now legally required to charge sales tax for states that we have not charged sales tax in the past. Previously, internet retailers were required to collect tax only in those states where they had a physical location. The Wayfair ruling dictates that purchases from all online retailers be subject to taxes determined by your state and/or local municipality. In accordance with this ruling, applicable taxes will be automatically added to your membership fees. Click here to learn more.

Q: Why can't I rent titles from GayDVDEmpire?

A: Your Empire Rental membership allows you to rent Adult movies from only.

Q: Can I rent DVDs and Blu Rays with one plan?

A: Yes, you can. Your Rental account now allows you to rent both DVDs and Blu Ray discs. Simply add Blu Ray titles to your rental list and those movies will ship just as any other rental movie we offer.

Q: When are my movies due back?

A: Your monthly membership allows you to rent as often or as infrequently as you like. If you are bored with the title after the first night, return it and we will get your next movie out to you. If you want to hold on to a title for a while, keep it as long as you want and return it when you are ready... the choice is yours.

Q: How many movies can I rent during my membership?

A: There is no limit to the number of titles you can rent. Your monthly membership allows you to keep a revolving library of rental movies and it is entirely up to you to rotate your rental selections as you wish.

Q: How can I find the movie I am looking for?

A: You can search for a movie by title, performer, or keyword in the search field at the top of the navigation bar on the top of all our pages. Also, just below our search fields are our movie Categories. If you're looking for a Voyeuristic title, but not sure what movie you want, simply click on our complete list of Voyeurism titles to browse the list.

Q: What does it mean if a movie is "Available" for rental?

A: Our system is based on a First Come, First Serve basis. So a rental movie's availability to you depends on many factors, such as when you added the title to your Rental List, whether another customer is in line for that title before you, when your return shipment was received, etc.

Q: Can I set up an Rental Account, but not Activate it until a later date?

A: No problem. Add all your info, review the Terms of Agreement, and then simply follow the directions at the bottom of the Activation page. Your Credit Card will not be charged until you Activate your Rental Account, so feel free to compile your Rental List while you wait. When you are ready, return to your Rental Account page and click the Activate Membership link.

Q: Can I purchase rental movies?

A: Yes, but you can only purchase rental movies you are currently renting. Simply visit your "My Rental Queue" page and view the items you currently have out. Each of those items will have a a green button that says Purchase at the far right. Click the Purchase button for the item you wish to buy and you will be directed to a confirmation page before finalizing your order. Unfortunately any purchased rental movies will not include a case or the artwork for the item. Note: Rental items can only be purchased individually. If you wish to purchase multiple rental items, you will need to complete an order for each item.

Q: Can I use an account credit to pay for my Rental Membership?

A: No, we do not accept account credits as payment for Rental Memberships.

Q: How will my Credit Card be billed?

A: Your card will be billed as DVD Empire. Click here for more information about our Company Policy concerning Discrete Billing, Shipping and Customer Service.

Q: When is my Credit Card billed?

A: Your Credit Card will be charged when you Activate your Rental Membership. After that, your Card will be charged every 30 days to renew your Monthly Membership, until you Cancel your Account. This date will always be visible on your Rental Account Info page for your convenience.

Q: Why was another Credit Card I have on file charged and not the default card?

A: In certain circumstances, our system will charge another card you have on file with us for your rental membership if your default Credit Card is declined.

VOD Minutes Questions:

Q: I receive 60 VOD Minutes for FREE each month my membership is billed?

A: Yes, you do. Each month your rental membership is successfully billed, you will receive 60 Pay Per Minute VOD minutes that you can use to view any of our PPM VOD movies. As you watch our movies, time will be deducted from your total until your run out of minutes or you purchase more. Then, when you're billed for your next month's rental membership, you will receive 60 more PPM minutes. And since we offer 1000s of movies in our PPM program, you will have your hands full...

Q: How do I watch PPM VOD movies?

A: When you find a movie you are interested in, simply visit its item page (or click the "Watch Now" button from the list page) and click the "Watch Now" button. Our viewing window will open and playback will be begin.

Q: Are there any restrictions?

A: The only restriction is that your rental membership must be successfully billed before you will receive your monthly allotment of VOD PPM minutes. Once they have been added to your account, they are your's to watch any movie in our PPM program.

Q: If I don't use my minutes this month, do they carry over to next month?

A: No, they do not accrue from month to month.

Q: If I have a Free Trial, do I receive free minutes?

A: No, you do not receive VOD PPM minutes during your free trial.

Your Rental List:

Q: How do I view my Rental List?

A: We have a quick link to your Rental List in the upper right hand corner of our pages. Or, click the Items List tab in your Rental Account Section and you can view your Rental List page.

Q: When and which of my movies will ship?

A: It is our hope that our system will help keep your highest priority titles readily available, but also guarantee that you have plenty of rental movies at all times.

Your First Rental Shipment:

If your rental membership entitles you to rent 3 movies at one time, we will send you the first three rental movies available to you, starting with the highest priority titles and working down from there on your list.

Future Shipments:

Your future shipments will be influenced by the Rental Priority method you choose. For more information about your Rental Priority method, please see the next question.

Q: What is the Rental Priority Method?

A: Your Rental Priority Method allows you to influence how our system determines your next Rental shipments. Plus, your Priority method can be changed at any time, to help you get the rentals you want, when you want them.

Wait for Highest Priority Titles Method

If your Highest Priority titles are not available, our system will wait for 24 hours for those titles to become available before your next Rental shipment will be sent. If those titles do not become available within that time, you will receive the next available titles on your Rental List.

Choose this Method if you are... hoping to receive the title(s) at the top of your Rental List and don't mind waiting up to an extra business day to receive your latest rentals.

Send First Available Titles Method

Our system will send the highest available titles in your Rental List, regardless of their position on your Rental List. Simply put, when you are due to receive a Rental shipment, instead of waiting 24 hours to see if your Highest Priority titles become available (if not available), the highest available titles from your list are shipped that day.

Choose this Method if you are... willing to receive any title(s) on your list, not necessarily your highest priority rentals.

Q: How do I change my Rental Priority Method?

A: Visit your Rental Account Info to change Rental Priority method. Simply choose your preferred option and click the "Update Preferences" button. Remember, you may change your Priority method as often as you wish.

Q: What is the "Rental Shipments Outgoing" line?

A: The "Rental Shipments Outgoing" line is the line on your Rental List that appears immediately below the number of rentals you are due to receive. But the line only appears when you are due to receive a rental shipment.

For example, you return 2 rental movies to us. We receive the movies and process their return. Once processed into our system, the "Rental Shipments Outgoing" line will appear on your rental list directly below the second selection.

  • If you are due to receive a rental movie, place your preferred movies above that line to increase your odds of receiving those movies.
  • If the line does not appear, you are not due to receive a rental movie.
Please Note: The "Rental Shipments Outgoing" line only refers to the number of rentals you are to receive, not the specific movie(s) listed above the line.

Q: What titles are on the Out Items list?

A: The titles on your Out Items list are the movies you currently have out or are currently in shipment. Also, if you wish to buy a rental movie you currently have out, the link for purchasing a rental is located in your Out Items list.

Q: How do I add a movie to my Rental List?

A: Just click RENT IT on the product page and it will be added to your Rental List. You will be directed to your Rental List to confirm its listing and then you can return to your browsing.

Q: Can I rent movies that include more than one disc?

A: In the past, most multi-disc titles were not available for rental. HOWEVER, we recently updated our system and you can now rent movies that include more than one disc. Simply add the multi-disc movie to your rental list and it will ship just as any of our other movies. Multi-disc movies count as "one" movie in your account so if you have the 2 out at a time plan, a multi disc movie only counts as one toward the number of movies you have out.

Q: How do I prioritize the titles on my Rental List?

A: Each title on your Rental list will have a numerical ranking in the box next to it. If you want to change the order of your Rental List, simply change the number to the corresponding ranking you prefer. For example, if you have "Jenna Loves Briana" ranked 5th and you want to move it to 1st, just click on the box and change the 5 to a 1. Then click UPDATE.

Q: How do I remove a title from my Rental List?

A: While on your Rental List page, click the REMOVE box to the right of the title you want removed. Then click UPDATE and the title is removed.

Q: Why did a title disappear from my Rental List?

A: When a rental movie is processing for your next Rental Shipment, that title will disappear from your Rental List. Also a title may disappear because we have removed it from our system due to availability or other issues with the studio.

Shipping Questions:

Q: Do I pay for shipping?

A: No, we take care of all shipping costs and will ship your rentals USPS First Class Shipping both ways.

Q: How long does it take for my movies to arrive?

A:Click here for shipping times (for reference only).

Q: What will the envelope the rental movies are shipped in look like?

A: Your rental movies will be shipped in a nondescript envelope. Click here for an image of the envelope/box.

Q: Where is the return envelope?

A: When you receive your rental movie, simply fold and separate with your thumbs where it says, “Open Here.” (be careful to not rip the return envelope) Remove the movie for viewing.

When you are ready to return your movie, place it back in the return mailer, remove your address sticker on the front of the mailer where is says “PEEL OFF” so that our return address is shown. (The front of the mailer should not be sticky) Now pull away the adhesive backing on the back of the mailer, seal it, and drop it in the mail.

Q: How will I know when you have received or sent my rental movie?

A: You will receive a confirmation email when we have shipped you a rental movie and when we have received your returned rental movies.

Q: What if I am ready to return a title but not the others I received?

A: Each of your rental movies is shipped individually and will have its own return envelope included. After you are done with a movie, simply mail it in its postage-paid return envelope and after we receive it, your next title will be on its way.

Q: Is there anywhere Empire Rental cannot ship to?

A: We do not ship rentals to International addresses. We only ship rentals to addresses within the United States.

Q: Does Empire Rentals ship internationally?

A: We do NOT ship rental movies internationally.


Q: How do I report a problem with a Rental movie?

A:Click Here to visit the 'Report a Problem' page to report your problem with a Rental DVD Online. You can also Email Us if necessary.

Q: What if the rental movie arrived damaged, didn’t arrive at all, or is the wrong title?

A:Click Here to report the movie is damaged, didn't arrive, or is the wrong title. If the movie is damaged or the wrong title, check the appropriate box on the movie sleeve and return it to us as normal. We will send the next available title on your Rental List as soon as we receive and process the movie.

*Note: If the Rental movie did not arrive, you must report the movie as missing within 30 days of its shipment so that we may pursue the matter with the USPS in a timely fashion.

Q: What if I lost the movie?

A:Click Here to report your DVD as “Lost.” You will be charged the $20.00 for the replacement of the rental movie.

Q: What if the rental movie I received is defective?

A:Click Here to report your movie arrived “Damaged.” If you are using a Game Platform (X-Box, PS2, etc.) as a player, please note that some systems do not play all DVDs or Blu Ray discs.

Please Note: If you receive a damaged or defective movie, do NOT try to repair the movie yourself. Simply follow the instructions above.

Q: What if I damage the rental?

A: Rental movies are thoroughly inspected before they are sent out and when they are received back. If a movie is found to have been damaged while in your possession, you will be charged $20.00, plus tax if applicable, for the replacement of the rental movie. Also, do NOT try to repair rental movies or you will be charged for each damaged disc.

Q: What if I lost the white sleeve or the shipping envelope the movies came in?

A:Click Here to report your problem.

  • Lost White Sleeve:
    We may not be able to properly credit your account if the movie is returned without the sleeve, so include a note with your return that includes your name and the e-mail address of your account so we can properly credit your return. You may also wish to contact customer service and let them know you will be returning a movie without the sleeve, so there will be no delays in your next shipment once the movie is returned to us.

  • Lost Return Envelope:
    If you misplaced, ripped or lost the return envelope, you can return up to two movies in one envelope, e-mail customer service to have a new envelope shipped to you, or simply ship your disc back to DVD Empire PO Box 631 Ambridge, PA 15003-0631 (if you don’t mind picking up the postage).

Q: How do I contact your Customer Service Department?

A: You can Email Us or call 1 888 383-1880 (Monday – Friday 8AM-10PM and Saturday Noon-8PM ET excluding holidays).

Your Rental Account

Q: How do I manage my Rental Account?

A: First, click on "Your Account" in the upper right hand corner of the page. If you are not logged in, you will be prompted to do so. Next, scroll down the navigation bar on the left of the page until you see the Rental section. You will have access to your Account Info, Items List, Membership Level, Billing History, Account Information and a Help section via the Rental links.

Q: How do I upgrade or downgrade my Rental Membership Level?

A: In your Rental Account section select the Membership Level tab, choose the level you wish to upgrade your account to and click UPDATE.

* Note: Any changes to your Membership Level will not be active until the next monthly billing date, which is 30 days from the date you Activated your current membership. This date is visible on your Rental Account Info page for your convenience.

Q: What if I accidentally upgrade or downgrade my Rental Membership Level?

A: Return to your Rental Account Info page, click the Membership Level tab and select the level you wish to return your account to. Click UPDATE when finished and your Membership will remain at that level.

Q: How do I renew my Rental Membership?

A: Your membership to the Rental Program will be automatically renewed every month (30 days from the date of activation), until you cancel your membership. For your convenience, your renewal billing date will always be visible on your Rental Account Info page.

Q: How do I choose not to receive Rental Notification emails?

A: Return to the 'Your Account' section of our site and select the 'Notification Options' page. Simply remove the check mark next to the selection for Rental Notifications and then click 'Update Account.'

Q: How do I cancel my Rental Membership?

A:Click Here to cancel your Rental Membership. Your account will be cancelled immediately and we will not send you any more rental movies. This is a non-refundable service, there will also be no partial credits for unused time. You may rejoin the Rental Program at any time if you wish to.

Q: How long do I have to return the movies after I cancel my Rental Membership?

A: 10 business days. If we do not receive your outstanding rentals within 10 business days of canceling your membership, your credit card will be charged $20.00, plus tax if applicable, for each title.