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Ashlyn Gere

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Interview with Ashlyn Gere - July 18, 2001

Los Angeles, CA

While taking a break between filming scenes for her last feature for Extreme Associates titled "Inheritance", adult film legend, Ashlyn Gere, took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to talk with Talking Blue and let her fans know what she has been doing and what her future plans ... - Read more...


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Ashlyn Gere

alias:Ashlyn Gere
birthplace:Las Vegas, Nevada
born:September 14 (Virgo)
height:5 ft. 3 in.
eye color: Brown
hair color: Brown
measurements:34C - 24" - 34"

If you consider yourself to be a member of Generation XXX, then the name, face and figure of Ashlyn Gere should be intimately familiar. Upon taking the adult industry by storm during the nineties, Ashlyn Gere quickly became one of those rare breed of adult actresses: a woman who lives up to her super-starlet hype and then some. She has already left a sexual legacy which may never be matched by any actress, and her work has been recognized, honored and awarded by industry institutions Adult Video News, Fans of X-Rated Entertainment, and the X-Rated Critics Organization. At 5' 3" tall, Ashlyn's tanned, tight form is a series of bumps and curves which make seeing her in all-out fucking action a pure delight. When she's in action, Gere flashes a sultry look, gritting her teeth and gasping with breathless anticipation. But seeing is believing. Fans were first introduced (via videotape, of course) to Ashlyn Gere when she was starring in many minor video quickies like Laid Off, a release where she shines in a straight scene with her lucky male partner who tries valiantly to keep up with her sexual energy. Since that time, we've been hooked on this busty, dark-haired, olive-skinned lovely lady. Born on September 14, 1959, Ashlyn's entry into the world of adult was that of a mature and very sensual woman in her early thirties. When you compare the cold, clinical performances of some the barely legal babes of today to that of Ashlyn's work throughout her career, there is no doubt that it takes a real woman of Ashlyn's charisma to show the girls how it's done! It was Ashlyn's sparkling eyes, shining smile and very curvy body which caught our attention on the cover of Secrets, the Andrew Blake masterpiece which showcases her talents magnificently. But a pretty face and a sexy body can only take you so far, and if it weren't for her mind-blowing sexual prowess, then Ashlyn might not have become the living legend she is today. Secrets is the best introduction to Ms. Gere one could have, from her opening scorcher with Rocco Siffredi, to her thrilling threesome with Samantha Strong and Siffredi, and ending with a sensuous girl-girl scene with Zara Whites. She is the one responsible for maintaining the heat of this big-budget movie from beginning to end. Actually, Ashlyn's first work under Andrew Blake can be found in House of Dreams, where she has a one-on-one with Randy West. Since we have plenty of Ashlyn to worship in Secrets, I suppose we can let the director off the hook for showing our girl in only a single scene saved for the movie's end. Although House of Dreams is considered to be one of Blake's finest, you should definitely pick up both to see as much Gere as possible! Fan-worship for her was strengthened in Imagine, a feature film where she plays a sexually repressed businesswoman who daydreams about sexual activities going on around her. It was here where fans and critics were able to confirm Ashlyn's superb fellatio skills, characterized by deep thrusts and enthusiastic lip and tongue work. In a standout sequence, Ashlyn has an office affair with Jon Dough which is brimming with heat and desire. The sounds and sights of sex have never been more appealing than when she slowly takes Dough into her mouth. She is sexier than hell when she gradually learns the skills of administering oral pleasure, and by the movie's end, she is drawn out of her shell and goes for broke with lucky Mike Horner. One of her best films to date has been the two-part Michael Ninn epic, The Secret Garden, in which she appears in every other scene and simply sizzles with longtime porn studs Mike Horner, Randy Spears and Jonathan Morgan. When Ashlyn gets fucked, she throws her whole body into the scene. She bares her teeth like a wildcat in heat while riding on a hard cock, and is unashamedly vocal in her orgasmic reactions. It also goes without saying that Ashlyn looks terrific every second she's on-screen, wearing various slutty outfits and all sorts of wigs to give her a wilder, more daring look. Yet, she looks her loveliest in a simple, virgin white dress and with her flowing, brown hair framing her gorgeous face. She does bolder work in Realities, taking on gangbangs, spreading herself for anal work, and getting more of a taste of female flesh. So if you want a contrast in looks and style, take a look at her frolicking in The Secret Garden before watching her at work in Realities. Ashlyn was also featured in several VCA titles, including the Empire Award-winning The Tease, where she and Tom Byron put on a voyeuristic show for the stunning Lauren Hall. Her body-hugging yellow dress can barely contain her front-end curves which are subjected to Byron's horny groping and aggressive stroking. In The Last Resort, she and slinky Selena Steele make lesbian love before dragging in Mr. Byron into a lusty ménage a trois. John Leslie's Bad sports a cover focusing on sexy things Lauren Hall (looking oh-so desirable in a tight pink dress) and Ms. Gere in white lace. Although Ashlyn lends only a supporting role to this movie with a lesbian scene with Iesha, followed by a threesome with Marc Wallice, which is brief and to the point. Yet, it's clear that her very presence can elevate even the most average video to greater heights. However, when it comes to listing her very best films, then John Leslie's Chameleons must be in the top one percent. This shot on film blockbuster is cryptically described as being "Not The Sequel" to the original Chameleon, one of the finest videos ever made featuring Tori Welles. However, the same story device of sex-seeking, body-changing beings (played by Deidre Holland and Rocco Siffredi) is still employed here. The bizarre proceedings beckon a sexually curious Ashlyn to the world of these chameleon-like humans (or is that human-like chameleons?) and give her free reign to deliver some of her most memorable sexual workouts ever. Beginning with a hot and sweaty bathroom tryst with Rocco that shows-off some great tit-fucking and energetic deep-throating, and leading into an aggressive session of lesbian loving with Deidre, Ashlyn is in rare form throughout the movie. It's no wonder that this classic garnered such rave reviews and a host of industry awards for Ms. Gere. Eventually, Ashlyn would be lured into being a Vivid Girl, a role befitting for a woman of her talents and looks. Although Vivid Video is generally known for its couples-oriented productions, Ashlyn did not hold back on her erotic energy, and never gave her films less than 100% of her body and soul. Fan favorites include Anonymous, in which she appears in three hot scenes, and generates combustible chemistry with Steve Drake for a motel room romp ending in one of her best filmed oral cumshots. Nikki Dial and Tiffany Mynx provide a nice interlude to what is essentially an Ashlyn Gere vehicle, but no one can steal a scene away from Ms. Gere. Her lead role in The Massuese 2 was an acting tour-de-, and which garnered her one of three awards in three different categories at the 1994 Adult Video News Awards. Even with stellar supporting players like Asia Carrera and Leena, Ashlyn carries the role perfectly and her scenes are among the hottest in this sex-action-packed feature. She also appears in the period piece "Director's Cut" of Bonnie & Clyde, a two-part film edited into one DVD. Her most stunning scene occurs with the ravishing Racquel Darrian as they make up for a climactic lesbian encounter. In Ashlyn Rising, we get to see her performing in three of five scenes, including an interracial with Sean Michaels. She manages to maintain the spotlight in Paul Thomas's terrific little film Cheating despite the potentially scene-stealing sexual acrobatics of co-stars Leena (who does a great car-top anal scene) and Christina Angel. We feel the same level of horniness that she feels in the aptly titled Aroused with Asia Carrera and Tara Monroe, and continue to enjoy her company in Companion and New Lovers. However, the stylishly clever Steamy Windows also offers great work by Ms. Gere, who leads talents like Roxanne Blaze, P.J. Sparxx, and Dyanna Lauren into an all-star orgy at the film's conclusion. Ashlyn Rising, Cheating and Night Vision earned some high ratings by those "hardened" reviewers who could not help but sing her praises for every one of her scenes. Her contract work for Vivid would mean that her athletic sex scenes would be accentuated by higher production values and intriguing storylines. As great as she looks on video, film seems to capture her smoldering beauty the best as seen in Steamy Windows and Anonymous. Before Ashlyn's retirement, she offered her cameo services in the Sorority Sex Kittens "trilogy." She performed in a girl-girl scene in Part 1, and participated in a straight boy/girl scene with Jon Dough in Part 2. Directed by Jim Holliday, these movies are also well known for their massive all-girl orgies which serve as the climax to each edition. In the second sequel, Sorority Sex Kittens 3, Ashlyn again indulges in the pleasures of the female flesh in a film which tries to outdo all previous orgies by having thirty of porn's finest join in on the party. Recently, Ashlyn and Tom Byron rekindled their old flames for a hotter and nastier time in the recently released Extremely Yours: Ashlyn Gere, a collection of scenes from her comeback performances for Extreme Associates which includes the title House of Whores. Showing that she could take on any task before her, Ashlyn's appearances for Extreme have all the ass fucking and debauched hardcore one expects from this studio where sex is not taken (nor performed) lightly! Ashlyn has recently made several videos for VCA, the studio which luckily got her just as her stardom shot into space. We can all look forward to the eventual DVD release of Decadence, a Michael Ninn feature co-starring Victoria Paris, and her upcoming production for VCA which should bring her back to the public spotlight as Torn, White Lightning and Taken have done for another returning superstar, Ginger Lynn. Biography Written by Diesel


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