Adult DVD Empire: New Releases Listing of Adult DVD Empire's New Releases. en-us Adult DVD Empire 1961096 Mary! Mary!(2018) - Vinegar Syndrome Mary! Mary! - $29.99 17S February 2018 14:29 e" This Blu-ray/DVD combo of MARY! MARY! is strictly limited to 2,000 units! Ned (John Leslie) loves his beautiful wife Mary (Constance Money) but is unable to satisfy her due to his sexual dysfunction. No matter what he tries, nothing is able to help. One day, he pledges to give his soul to the Devil in exchange for the virility he lacks and, offering to take him up on his proposition, the Devil obliges. Ned quickly finds himself able to enjoy all of the sensual experiences he'd dreamed of but is unaware that the Devil has some macabre plans for Ned and all of his new sexual playmates... adult © 1997-2018 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1945756 P-Chan Busting Into America(2017) - Atomic Cheesecake Productions P-Chan Busting Into America - $19.99 17S February 2018 14:29 e" Her tremendous tits have graced magazines, photo books, and television throughout Asia in her career as a gravure idol. Today she busts into America as P-CHAN, named after her astounding P metric cup tits, the biggest to ever come out of Japan! Take a voyeuristic peak behind the scenes at topless photoshoots. Jiggle and bounce to her secret workout routine. Splash around as she unwinds in a sensual jacuzzi and a steamy shower. Witness her astounding acoustical performance of the world's first boob theremin concert - using only her tits to squeeze out the melody. All this and more awaits those brave enough to bare witness to these massive mammaries adult © 1997-2018 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1957740 Cosmic Curves (2017) - Atomic Cheesecake Productions Cosmic Curves - $19.99 17S February 2018 14:29 e" A curated collection of six spectacularly curvy cuties! Transport yourself into a kaleidoscopic land of dazzling delight where busty babes bathe in glitter and big boobies bounce to the beat. The sparkling bodies of these golden goddesses, illuminated in this mesmerizing menagerie, bring new meaning to the phrase "big beautiful women." Tease and titillate your senses with the trippy visuals and Rubenesque women that abound in this sensual and psychedelic video collection. adult © 1997-2018 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved