Adult DVD Empire: New Releases Listing of Adult DVD Empire's New Releases. en-us Adult DVD Empire 1930404 Throat: 12 Years After(1984) - Vinegar Syndrome Throat: 12 Years After - $24.99 23S August 2017 19:15 e" In 1972, director Gerard Damiano made one of the most significant erotic films of the decade: Deep Throat. Twelve years later, the master of sensual filmmaking crafted this personal story of love, marriage, desire, and reflection, exploring the lives of two young married couples. Michelle and Walter (Michelle Maren and George Payne) are a monogamous couple who have never made love to anyone but each other and are burning to try new experiences. Meanwhile their friends Louise and Andy (Sharon Kane and Joey Silvera) are seasoned swingers who routinely explore and enjoy new fantasies. Damiano carefully contrasts their intertwined lives in this thoughtful and sensual drama, expertly photographed by Larry Revene and featuring supporting performances from Sharon Mitchell, Eric Edwards, and Joanna Storm and Jerry Butler. A Reflection NOT A Sequal adult © 1997-2017 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1924311 Matinee Idol(1984) - Vinegar Syndrome Matinee Idol - $29.99 23S August 2017 19:15 e" Erotic film stars Lance Hardy and Linda Hand (John Leslie and Jesie St. James respectively) have hit the breaking point in both their careers and their off screen relationship. Neither can accept the success of the other, as their egos continually clash on the set of their latest production. So, unable to resolve their differences, they go their separate ways, each hoping to outdo the other with their sexual conquests. What will it take to rekindle their love and reunite them as the screen's favorite erotic couple? Or can only one of them become a matinee idol? Directed by Henri Pachard (Babylon Pink), Matinee Idol is a glamorously mounted hardcore romantic comedy, which co-stars Colleen Brennan, Kay Parker, Tigr, Angel, and many more of the 1980's biggest sex stars. Produced and written by (and also featuring) the legendary David F. Friedman (Blood Feast), Matinee Idol is a funny, touching, and unbelievably sensual story of making it in Hollywood, which has been newly restored from its original 35mm camera negative making its worldwide blu-ray debut, fully uncut for the first time in decades from Vinegar Syndrome. adult © 1997-2017 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1909738 Koukotsu: Satomi Suzuki(2017) - Amorz Koukotsu: Satomi Suzuki - $34.99 23S August 2017 19:15 e" Beautiful big tits JAV idol Satomi Suzuki's orgasmic fuck! adult © 1997-2017 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1909719 S Model 176: Nina Mizushima(2017) - Amorz S Model 176: Nina Mizushima - $34.99 23S August 2017 19:15 e" Cute Nina Mizushima gets gang banged and receives hot cum over and in her body! adult © 1997-2017 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved