Adult DVD Empire: New Releases Listing of Adult DVD Empire's New Releases. en-us Adult DVD Empire 2658959 Skin Flicks(1978) - Vinegar Syndrome Skin Flicks - $26.99 21S April 2019 16:21 e" A young director is a struggling filmmaker making hardcore features for the mob. His latest feature, he hopes, will be his big break into the world of "mainstream" film-making, but will the mafia allow him to realize his dream? adult © 1997-2019 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved 1972357 The Hearse(2018) - Vinegar Syndrome The Hearse - $29.99 21S April 2019 16:21 e" Jane Hardy, a recently divorced teacher from San Francisco, decides to spend the summer at the large old country home willed to her by her aunt. However, upon arriving in they town where her aunt lived, shes met with hostility from the locals and slowly begins to discover her aunts dark connections to witchcraft and the occult, all the while being menaced by a large black hearse that mysteriously drives near her house in the dead of night. A chilling blend of supernatural horror and romantic mystery, THE HEARSE stars Trish Van Devere (THE CHANGELING), Joseph Cotten (SHADOW OF A DOUBT), and David Geautreaux (STAR TREK: THE MOTION PICTURE) and was one of the few directorial efforts from prolific editor, George Bowers. Taking strong influence from European gothic horror films of the 1960s, THE HEARSE is a haunting and suspenseful, classically minded horror film and is proudly presented by Vinegar Syndrome on Blu-ray, newly restored in 2k from its original 35mm negative. adult © 1997-2019 Right Ascension, Inc. All Rights Reserved