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So your new movie, ‘Allie’ features your first anal scene. Would you like to tell us about that?

Yeah, it’s my first all anal release is how it is going out because I didn’t want to just do one scene. A lot of times when people showcase something out there for the first time they just give you one scene and that is like such a tease because then they have to wait a certain time period before they can see anything else. And I wanted to make sure that you know my fans that have dedicated following me for the last five years and I have dedicated five years to this career and I love what I do.

How did you get your butthole pliable for these scenes?

You know what is funny is obviously I am a big sexual being so I don’t mind flaunting my stuff. I wasn’t actually physically ready until I did this movie now. I have been asked for years to shoot an anal movie actually a couple times by Mason in the past. And I wasn’t physically ready like I couldn’t figure out how to, you know have my brain and my body work together. To get that relaxed feeling so that I was able to do it. I think it was just all of a sudden an accepting of myself and who I am and it overall it was just an amazing experience for me. I did do some of the biggest boys in the business… The Lexington Steele day was probably the most intimidating but it was great and I took it like a champ.

Out of all the scenes you did for this movie is there one that stands out in your mind?

Yeah between the Lex and the Manuel scene those are probably the two most powerful scenes and powerful moments for me. I worked with both of those men my whole career and we just have a certain connection working with each other for so long. I think that comfort ability was there and things like that, just certain moments were captured. When you are working with someone like that you’re doing something with them they have never done with you or never thought you would do.