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Penny Pax


  • Height: 5'0
  • Weight: 103 lbs.
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Red
  • Measurements: 34C-24-35

For only being in the adult industry a few short years, Penny Pax has certainly done what she can to make a name for herself. Clocking in at just five feet tall, this petite, bespectacled cutie blazed a trail for herself in the adult industry in the wake of leaving her former job as a lifeguard. From some of her kinkier endeavors in the world of fetish porn, to her more mainstream popularity thanks to scenes in some of the most well received porn parodies of the past few years (including American Hustle XXX, Wonder Woman XXX, Dark Knight XXX and more), she has proven that she has the diversity and the staying power as any seasoned pro!

What was the most recent scene you shot?

Yesterday I shot a girl/girl/girl for Evil Angel with Aiden Starr and Violet Monroe. And Aiden was topping both of us for her series I believe it is called Pussy Whipped and I think this is going to be the second installment of that series. And it was really fun.

What is the most challenging type of scene?

Ummm. It really just varies based on your talent I would say. I would say that the most difficult scenes I have had is with people who don’t seem really want to be there. So I feel like I have to bring the energy and the excitement and happiness for the both of us- which can be distracting. I started working in this industry because I want to entertain people and enjoy the experience myself. So when I have to “row the boat” for both people it takes away from the pleasure away from it. I almost feel like I shouldn’t be doing it because these girls don’t want to be doing it themselves, but it is all consensual cause if they didn’t want to be there they wouldn’t be.

You seem to have a good sense of humor is this something you try to bring out in your movies?

Yeah when I can definitely. Like yesterday for example, we were worshiping the vagina and incorporating the flogger. It is mostly all true what comes out of my mouth but maybe just the phasing isn’t accurate but you know I say stuff like “ahh I just love your vagina so much I just want to crawl in there.” It’s sometimes can sound really silly but it sounds really good in my head. And I say it and I am like “oh well it is forever transcribed on the internet.”

Do you find that directors embrace that type of improvisation?

Sometimes it definitely depends on the scene. If it is more of a romantic style scene than I definitely pick the appropriate time for jokes and funny lines. But I think for the most part directors appreciate it because it is less work for them, to have to always be like “now say this” or “now do this” to get the scene to move along. I think a lot of that has to do with me having an acting background and being in the improve scene before.

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