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Alana Evans

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Alana Evans

alias:Jenna Talia, Alana Evens
birthplace:Fort Campbell, Kentucky
born:July 6 (Cancer)
height:5 ft. 5 in.
eye color: Blue
hair color: Blonde
measurements:34DD - 26" - 38"

So you want to know more about me? This is actually really cool because a lot of people don't really care about the personality behind the sex symbol. Quite frankly, the main thing everyone loves about me is my personality. I guess my crazy life can break down into one crazy story. Although this bio could never let you into my head completely, I promise to give you has much as I can.

The most common question is where are you from? Well, this is a bit complicated. I was born on July 6, 1976. My birth certificate says Fort Campbell, KY which makes perfect sense because my father was a member of the U.S. army and this is where we were stationed. My baby book says I was born in Tennessee. Unfortunately, this question will go forever unanswered because my mother is deceased. Regardless, three months after my birth, my mother moved us to California where the rest of my family lived. After having a sister who looked just like me, my mom wised up on my Dad and bailed.

I come from a long line of beautiful and extremely sexual women. Unfortunately for my sister, I inherited most of the sex genes. Another bummer for her is the fact that she is constantly asked for autographs and pictures. I had sexual experiences at a very young age. what can I say ...I have always liked girls. I was really embarrassed about it as a child but eventually and obviously I got over it. I lost my virginity to a boy at 14 and my first real experience with a girl was at 17. I was a very naughty girl during my high school years but I was smart enough not to mess around with boys at school. This helped save any reputation I may have add. There were a few girls I really wanted to hook up but I was way too shy.

I had sex in so many crazy places a teenager ...baseball fields, parks, movie theatre bathrooms, restaurant office, fitting room....My favorite spot seemed to be schools...

By 18, I was married and ready to go to as many sex parties as I could find. My ex and I went to many different parties until we came upon a place that really felt like home. The club was called the Forum in Morgan Hill. I loved playing with women and their husbands....lots of couples on a regular basis. I was going crazy and I couldn't get enough. Before I knew it, we were part owners of the establishment. This place is where I learned to loose all inhibitions. I also learned how to strip on the pole there! We started having weekly shows on Friday nights. I enjoyed it so much, I started stripping at a bikini club.

I danced at a hole in the wall called "The Hip hugger" in Sunnyvale. I loved it there! I really enjoyed the girls and the customers were really cool. This is where I really opened up to the idea of really stripping. I decided I wanted to be a feature dancer. I soon realized I needed to build a following before I could even consider this kind of career. My options were magazines or porno....well...I have always had an issue with my appendix scar and most magazines didn't take the time to airbrush...so I never shot that many magazines. Porno was the best shot.

Once I started in porn, that was it. My mind set totally changed. Porn quickly became something I loved doing. The excitement of being filmed, watched, and knowing that so many are getting off you drives me nuts. I get a rush from performing in front of others and I get an even bigger rush from being naked. I have never been more comfortable naked than now.

Porn has been an amazing road. I was only 21 when I jumped into this hot frying pan. I have experienced many sides of the business. I was married to a black man when I started so interracial was expected of me. My very first film was with Mr. Marcus in Real Sex Magazine 11. Marcus was awesome. I couldn't believe how good it felt to fuck him...my pussy went crazy. I knew from then on that porn was for me.

After 2 or so years in the business, my marriage ended. My stay as a single gal seemed to last a minute before I was snatched by a true stud. Chris Evans has become a large part of my life as well as my career. This relationship is the most open I have ever had. Chris is the kind of guy that gets off on me being a complete whore. He loves it when I come home and share my dirty stories. I, in turn, love it when he comes home and tells me about all the hot girlies he plays with. This is the best relationship I could have ever hoped for.

I have been in this business for a few years now and I am here to stay. I see lots of nasty movies and even some directing in my future. I am really looking forward to sharing my perverted mind with you in a way I haven't expressed before.

Since the beginning, I've been in over 200 films, 20 of those interracial, 30 soft core productions, and numerous Playboy TV projects. I am currently and continuously performing in many kinds of productions. I wouldn't say I am trying to move over to mainstream but I definitely snag as many as I can.

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