Tempt: Man Tempt Woman Attraction Spray

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Tempt. Get Recognized. Fuel Their Desire.

Are you looking to raise your magnetism? Get more attention with this fantastic pheromone formula - designed to attract women!

  • Become Irresistible
  • Attract More Partners
  • Improve Your Confidence
  • Increase Intimacy

Just one spray of this specially formulated pheromone could greatly improve your chances for love. A single application to the neck is enough for you to get noticed. With continued use you should improve the willingness for those around you to engage in conversation and maybe more!

Man Tempt Woman Product Information

Can you bottle attraction? Scientists who study the effect of pheromones on our sexual responsiveness would argue yes you can! In case you didn't know - we release pheromones throughout the day. These hormones, often carried in scents within our sweat, have the ability to attract or put off those around us. Unfortunately, if you give off negative pheromones this could be the reason you don't have any success with women. But, that needn't be the case anymore. After years of study, we now understand which pheromones work most of the time and with Man Attract Woman you can exploit that formula to make yourself irresistible to the opposite sex. This potent solution requires hourly top ups - but easily fits into your pocket for added discretion.

Designed to mix with aftershave yet retain effectiveness. Work to boost the effectiveness of your own pheromone production. Pheromones can be the key cause of impromptu conversation and sexual attraction This product could help you, even if you have had no prior success in initiating intimate encounters in the past!

Product Information

Brand: Tempt

Series: Tempt Spray


Ingredients: SD40-B Alcohol, Di-Propylene Glycol, Pure Reagent Grade, Human Pheromones, 5-Alpha-Andros t -16-En-3-0ne, Copulins, Essential Oils, and Fragrance.

Directions: Apply the spray alongside your normal cologne or after shave.


Product Dimensions:
     Total Length: 3.75 in.
     Width Maximum: 1.30 in.
     Weight (No Box): 0.1200 lbs.
Box Dimensions:
     Length: 4.00 in.
     Width: 1.30 in.
     Depth:1.50 in.
     Weight: 0.1310 lbs.
Empire SKU: 1669898
Made By: Tempt
Manufacturer Code: PLMTW