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Bubble Butt - realistic booty sex toy.

Bubble Butt

So I've always wanted to use a sex toy with a partner. I've had vibes used on me and myself use toys on others, but never truly had a FULL experience with a larger toy. This bubble butt made that dream come true! Lugging this bubble butt onto the bed was a bit of a challenge since it weighs around 30lbs, but the weight and material it's made of gave it an ultra-realistic feel! So pretty much, I had a threesome with it. Me, my partner and the toy. It was wonderful! more

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Magic Wand classic sex toy.

Magic Wand

I have heard about this from a friend and so I was already excited for it. She ranted and raved about it. This is the first time I have seen a toy or personal massager if you will with a cord and plug attached right to it. That is so awesome because the whole toys coming without batteries thing is so tiring! I want that power and I want it right away which is what you get here. more

Sexy Things: G Slim Petite blue sex toy.

Sexy Things: G Slim Petite

Well, this was certainly a cute and simple toy. It has a nice satin type touch to it. There's nothing fancy going on here but just a bulbous end with a simple vibe. It does not come with any batteries so you will need those on hand. I needed a lot of stimulation and foreplay to finish up with this toy just because I knew this material is not my favorite. I like rubbery textures because to me that feels more realistic but rubbery textures are usually hell to clean. This toy is really easy to wipe down with a baby wipe once you are done. more

Fleshlight Girls - Lotus - Angela White sex toy.

Fleshlight Girls - Lotus - Angela White

I will say what I always say. Nothing ever compares to a Fleshlight. I think if you had to get just one sex toy in your life as a man then you should own a Fleshlight. The feeling is pretty good and super comparable to the real thing. Fleshlight uses a mix of materials that is secretly guarded so no other company will make it like them. My boyfriend loved this one. (No surprise!) We already have used it twice for some good foreplay. The outer lips are hot and sexy. It's silky and it's not awkward at all. more

Icon Hey 19! Teen Pussy Stroker - Daisy Haze sex toy.

Icon Hey 19! Teen Pussy Stroker - Daisy Haze

After receiving my Icon Hey 19! Teen Pussy Stroker (Daisy Haze), unboxing was a breeze. This stroker simply comes in a non-wrapped flimsy cardboard box, and once the carton is opened, you will find your new toy in a baggy thin plastic packaging that your stroker can very easily be pulled out of. I first noticed that this stroker had a fair amount of weight to it, along with some good grip and an extremely small opening. These all looked like plusses to me. more

Bonnie Rotten Black Label: Bonnie Deepthroat Cocksucker Stroker sex toy.

Bonnie Rotten Black Label: Bonnie Deepthroat Cocksucker Stroker

This is pretty much your typical stroker except the mouth on it is different than what I have seen around it. These are the biggest most plush lips I have ever seen on an oral stroker. So that is a good thing going for it. It's soft and silky in texture on the outside which is nice. The inside has a ribbed design that goes all the way through. There is a hole in the back which means it won't have strong suction but you could always tie a hair tie or rubber band around the back of it to tighten it closed. more

KY Jelly Stand-Up Tube - 4 oz.

KY Jelly Stand-Up Tube - 4 oz.

Being new to trying lube, I was rather skeptical as most younger women don't need a lot of help getting ready for the heated moment. But using this product has changed the way we have intimate moments now. This is especially great to use with toys and for those spontaneous moments. On occasion when using a lot of this product it can have a sticky feeling but it is an easy clean up and does not leave you with a not-so-fresh feeling. more