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Electro Shank Electro Shock Blade With Handle sex toy.

Electro Shank Electro Shock Blade With Handle

If you are looking for some form of wow factor when you get this product, you are sadly mistaken. All you get is the knife, protective packaging, and a box. What you see on the back of the box is what you get. The back of the box tells you everything you need to know about the knife. There are no instructions, pamphlets, not even old, tester batteries. The knife itself is kind of impressive in size. It's big enough to be slightly intimidating, but it looks fake enough that you don't feel that you're in pure danger. more

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System JO Gelato Flavored Lubricant - Salted Caramel - 1 oz. sex toy.

System JO Gelato Flavored Lubricant - Salted Caramel - 1 oz.

I've tried many different lubricants in my sex lifetime but this one takes the cake. JO has always been a good lubricant but this line of Gelato flavored ones are scrumptious. I opened up the seal and was blown away by the smell. It's super realistic to the real smell of caramel. This isn't that cheapo crap with a hint of sweet smell but it's as if you are smelling the real deal. I've always said that there will never be a lubricant that will 100% taste like candy or something sweet, I was proven wrong when I tried this stuff out. more

Deluxe Slim Bullet - Purple sex toy.

Deluxe Slim Bullet - Purple

Such a delightfully simple little thing. I love Pipedream products dearly. This bullet is pretty and is simple to use. It unfortunately does not come with batteries. So it has four speeds to it that you can use. If you like vibrations then a bullet toy is pretty much a staple. This one has a smooth outer shell but it's not the silicone kind. I really do enjoy the silicone skins better on bullets. If you just need a quick vibe to get things going or done then this type of shell is fine, too. The bullet is very easy to use and is small enough to keep discreet. more

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master sex toy.

Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Position Master

For the longest time I have been using just a basic pillow to help with positioning and leverage during sex, but NO MORE! My fella has a little bit of a belly and sometimes that can be hard with certain positions, this inflatable pillow was worth the price and helped prop my ass up for backdoor play as well as raising my hips for better positioning in the missionary position. G-SPOT HIT! At first I was a little hesitant to put all my weight on it, but it worked just fine. more

Icon Hey 19! Teen Pussy Stroker - Daisy Haze sex toy.

Icon Hey 19! Teen Pussy Stroker - Daisy Haze

After receiving my Icon Hey 19! Teen Pussy Stroker (Daisy Haze), unboxing was a breeze. This stroker simply comes in a non-wrapped flimsy cardboard box, and once the carton is opened, you will find your new toy in a baggy thin plastic packaging that your stroker can very easily be pulled out of. I first noticed that this stroker had a fair amount of weight to it, along with some good grip and an extremely small opening. These all looked like plusses to me. more

JO Clitoral Stimulation Gel - Atomic sex toy.

JO Clitoral Stimulation Gel - Atomic

I've tried numerous clit gels but this is the most intense! At first I applied it just to see what it felt it, and I didn't know if I liked it because the sensation was stronger than I thought it was going to be, but once I used it during sex, I fell in love. It gives you a cool tingling sensation with a slight dab on the clit area. more

KY Jelly Stand-Up Tube - 4 oz.

KY Jelly Stand-Up Tube - 4 oz.

Being new to trying lube, I was rather skeptical as most younger women don't need a lot of help getting ready for the heated moment. But using this product has changed the way we have intimate moments now. This is especially great to use with toys and for those spontaneous moments. On occasion when using a lot of this product it can have a sticky feeling but it is an easy clean up and does not leave you with a not-so-fresh feeling. more