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4.75 out of 5
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Sister Vixen
In-House Review - Sep 17 2012

I never knew the joy of sex toy kits until very recently. If I wanted a vibe, I bought a vibe. If I wanted a butt plug, I bought a butt plug. I had been searching for a simple rabbit vibe for a while and the one in this kit is what drew me in and had me hooked. Most rabbits now come with so many bells and whistles I don't know what to do with them! Sure those beaded rabbits are fancy and fun at first, but when the gadgets stop working its cause for major disappointment. That's why I like to keep things simple.

Hmmm, where to start.... There is just so much going on in this kit it's hard to sum it all up easily. First of all, I will comment on the ben wa balls because this is my first time using such a toy. Luckily, these balls come with a string for easy removal. I was always intimidated by the ones without the string and maybe that is why I've never tried them. The balls were smooth and stayed slick with just a little lube. They seemed to do their job just fine as I tightened my muscles around them and got stimulated at the same time.

Call it ADHD if you must, but I was ready to move on to the next item in the kit in no time (no offense to the ben wa balls). The silver vibe is meant to be inserted into either the rabbit sleeve or the textured sleeve. I tried out the rabbit first to make sure I had made the right rabbit purchasing decision. The rabbit sleeve and vibe combination worked perfectly for me. Once inserted, I turned up the vibrations to almost full speed to feel the intensity inside of me. The vibrator also made the rabbit part buzz, but not as intensely as the shaft. This is ideal for women with a sensitive clitoris. The bumpy textured sleeve was nice too. Like the rabbit, I turned it up to almost full speed once inserted. But, if I was using it externally, I preferred to keep the vibrations low and let the texture of the vibe do its thing.

In my opinion, the anal beads and the "real feel dong" work very well together. Any of the toys in this kit can be used on their own, but combining them sure is fun too. These graduated anal beads are good for beginners and one who is well-practiced in anal fun. Using the beads with the dong inserted gives you the sensation of being double penetrated without feeling... stretched out.

The only thing I haven't actually tried yet is the cock ring, and I'm not sure that I will. I've used a cock ring with a partner one time and it did not appeal to me at all (nor did it appeal to him). Maybe instead of the cock ring, something for my nipples would have made it the perfect kit. But overall, this is a really good value for this many items.

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