Empire Gift Wrapping:

That's right! ADE is offering our customers the opportunity to have their items Gift Wrapped. We realize that wrapping your gifts can be a time consuming and difficult process... so don't bother. Let us do your wrapping for you!
Gift Wrapping is easy! Compile an Order as usual and when you proceed through Checkout, select which products you would like wrapped. Plus, if you want, you can even add a personal message to the customized Gift Card. Sound simple? It is!
•  Let us wrap your Gifts!
•  Gift Wrap your gifts for only $3.49 per item!
•  Add a personal message to your customized Gift Card.
•  Send the wrapped Gift directly to the Recipient.
Our Gift Wrapping option is the best way on the Internet to buy the gifts you want and have them wrapped. All packages will be wrapped in silver wrapping paper and will include a bow and gift card.
Want us to send your Gifts directly to the Recipient?
Place an Order with ONLY the items you wish to give to the recipient. During Checkout select Gift Wrapping and ADD the recipient's shipping address to your account. Select their address and choose the Gift Invoice (no prices) for that Order. We'll ship their gifts directly to them (Learn More).
Important Information:
•  A Gift Wrapping fee of $3.49 per item will be charged for each item you request to be wrapped.
•  Each item selected for Gift Wrapping will be individually wrapped.
•  You may add or remove products from your Gift Wrapping list until your Order is processed.
•  If multiple copies of an item are Ordered, you may select the number of copies you wish to wrap during Checkout.
•  All products, except Used items and certain novelties, are eligible for Gift Wrapping.
•  If the Gift Wrapping checkbox does not appear next to an item listing during Checkout, that item is not eligible for Gift Wrapping.
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